Oct 28 2010

Dating tips for single parents; time to leave the kids at home

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Finding a date on Saturday night is hard, but when you have a child it becomes a lot harder. Whether you’re a young mother, a widowed father, or have been divorced for many years, dating as a single parent can be hard and complicated. Take a look at the dating tips below and see if any of them can help you.

The first dating tip I can offer is not to feel bad about dating. You were a person before you were a parent, and its best that your children grow up knowing that parenthood doesn’t mean that you give up on your own life. Don’t be afraid that you’re doing the memory of your previous partner to shame if you move on, accepting that the previous relationship has ended, however it did, is the first step to moving past that situation and into the next stage of your life.

Before you start dating, dating tip number two states that you should talk to your kids about it. Even young children can understand that mummy or daddy has their own friends that they like to spend time with. Explain to them that if doesn’t mean you love their mother or father any less because you are spending time with someone else, and that they will always come first. If you are the parent of teenagers, you can be more open with them about it, but remember that they are your children, not your confidants.

For dating tip number three, we start with the date. Make sure this person knows that your children are your number one priority, and if they don’t accept that now then there’s no point in going any further. Most people say not to talk about past relationships on a first date, but if the other person asks don’t lie; telling them that your previous partner has visitation rights tells them straight away that this other man or woman will always be in your life. Once this is out of the way, talk about you and what you like. Keep mention of the kids to a minimum; don’t ignore them but don’t bring them up if the opportunity doesn’t present itself.  Don’t mention how long it’s been since your last date; keep the topics current and interesting.

These dating tips are simple and easy to remember, but every situation is different. Adapt the tips around your family unit; you are the best judge of what your children can handle.


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Oct 20 2010

Singles dating tips, what to do when it all goes wrong

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Imagine this: you’re on a first date with a sexy person in a posh restaurant. You look good, you feel good, but the table is silent because neither of you can think of a way to start the conversation.

Horrible thought, isn’t it? After all the time and energy you put into getting ready for a date, the last thing you want is for it to all go south. Here are a few Singles dating tips you can use when it looks like it’s about to go downhill.

Singles dating tip number one; look the part. Know where you’re going and dress to match the occasion. Call ahead if you’re afraid there might be a dress code, and make sure you meet it.

Singles dating tip number two; what to do if they’re late. First of all, don’t panic! If you said to meet at 8pm and by 8:01 they’re not there, it is okay. While everyone should strive to arrive early for a date, being a little late isn’t a crime. They may have arrived earlier than you and took a walk around the block to pass the time.

If you are the one who is late, let your date know. If something has happened and you’re leaving late, call them and let them know. Avoid texting at this time, as it seems rude and inconsiderate, or rushing off thinking that you can beat the traffic. Take a moment to call and explain the situation, but let them know you’re still coming.

Singles dating tip number three; planned conversation starters. Briefly catch up on the news or local current affairs show and remember a couple of key stories from it. Try to avoid stories that are overly political or sad (no stories about dead puppies, please), but talking about the news will let you know how well informed the other person is, as well as their morals and beliefs.

If the news isn’t going down well, try using a ‘what if” scenario to start a conversation. They can be funny or factual, but ask your date a ‘what if’ scenario and see how they respond, but make sure you have a response lined up. After your turn, tell your date it’s theirs, and answer honestly. What if scenarios can start off as ice breakers but can wind up leading to in depth conversations.

Recall these dating tips if a dating emergency arises, but remember not to panic if something goes wrong. This can be a funny story that you tell your grandkids about.

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Oct 18 2010

Senior citizen dating tips, love in the third age

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For anyone, nothing can be as nerve wracking as finding a date. But does that all go away after you’ve been there, done that? Simply, no. No matter how many dates you’ve gone on, the next one is still as scary.

Some senior citizens think that dating is for the younger crowd, and now that they are older and have their own families, it’s time to hang up the dating hat. The fact, however, is that there are many elderly people who date every year, and some even marry again!

If you are a senior citizen who wants to date again or you think it’s time that your mother and father rejoin the dating scene, here are a few dating tips.

The first dating tip is to broaden your horizons and start looking for places where eligible senior citizens go. There are lots of places that are specifically for the over 50 crowd, so it won’t be too hard to find somewhere where you can fit in. Your local bowls club or Retired Serviceman’s League club will have lots of resources for the elderly who wants to join in on activities. If you are an active citizen, try signing up for dancing classes or a round of beginner’s golf. This will allow you to socialise as well as learn a new skill. If you enjoy the more quiet and peaceful retirement, look for games of bingo or a reading club. Find one that suits you and go along, you never know who you might find.

If you can’t find anybody nearby, you can try looking online. There are lots of online dating sites that cater towards senior citizens, and they are easy to find and to join. Make sure the site is legitimate, so you don’t end up giving away your valuable information to scam artists.

When you’ve met somebody you like, it’s time to take the next step. One benefit of being a senior citizen is that you have a lot of life experience behind you. But no amount of experience can stop you feeling nervous or excited about asking somebody out on a date. Dating tip number two is, take a few deep breaths and just go for it. Ask the lovely lady or kind gentleman out for a coffee or a walk, something that will give the both of you the opportunity to know more about each other.

Keep these dating tips in mind when you’re on the lookout for a potential partner. Remember, dating is not just for the young! Get out there and have some fun.


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Oct 17 2010

Asking the hard questions; singles dating tips for getting a date

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Whether you’re nine or ninety, the first date with someone can be the most nerve wracking. Here are a few singles dating tips that cover most of the bases, so you can spend more time thinking about the person you’re dating than the actual date itself.

Singles dating tip number one: asking them out. You can’t have a first date unless both of you know it. If you like somebody, try being friendly with them first instead of asking them out straight away. This way you’ll know some things about each other and can lay the ground work for future date conversations. Of course, once you get to know them, you might find that you have nothing in common. This might hurt, but at least you’ve made a new friend.

In any event, you’ll never know if they like you unless you ask them out on a date. If you like somebody, take the initiative and ask them out; unless they’re a parody of a high school cheer leader, they won’t get angry you make you feel embarrassed if they say no. Everyone knows how hard it is to work up the courage, and they’ll respect you for it. If nothing else, you have given this person a wonderful compliment.

But if they do say yes, congratulations! Where are you going to go?

Singles dating tip number two; have a plan where to go. Have a couple of ideas already in mind when you ask the person. If you know them a little bit already, then you’ll know if they’re an outdoorsy person or not. Look up some nature walks or flower gardens nearby and arrange to take them on a picnic there. Not only are trees and flowers great conversation starters, but they will give you something to look at if the conversation runs dry. If neither of you like the outdoors, search for art galleries or museums that have interesting showings or classes that are free or cheap to join in. Like the nature walk, this idea will give you plenty of opportunity for fun and conversation.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, and prefer the ol’ ‘dinner and a movie’ type of date, then make sure it’s movie first, then dinner. That way, if you find that you have nothing to talk about over dinner, you can both discuss the movie.

Confidence will get you the date, but it has to be sustained. Remember these singles dating tips when arranging a date in the future.


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