Feb 28 2011

Online Dating Advice and Information While in Ireland

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online dating advice
by Velo abzug

Feeling isolated from the world and looking for some company? Does anybody have time on his or her hands to ask you of your well-being and about your happiness? You might have everything to make you feel good, good friends, good career, a lovely family and a comforting home and yet you are feeling that you do not have complete joy, you feel like deep down in your heart there is emptiness.

And then you realize that the reason behind such loneliness is that you are most often ‘alone’. There is no special feeling when you are celebrating a promoting or buying a new car or even when you are celebrating the weekends with your own family.

The answer to getting rid of this loneliness can be online dating.

Incase you happen to be the resident of Ireland, then you be aware that Ireland has the lowest number of Internet subscriptions in the whole of Europe. The urban areas are the ones that have far greater Internet connectivity. And just incase you are residing in a rural area then such service might be tough find.

But if you happen to have an Internet connection then you should try out the different online dating websites by visiting them. And here you could happen to come across just the person who would fill your emptiness  and give you a reason to smile more often.

Common time utilization for most Irish people is to sit out at bars or pubs in an attempt to get to know new faces. Incase such old methods have yielded no or poor results then it is about time that you tried a new experience in online dating.

Enlisted here below are some tips with regards to online dating that may be useful for those attempting for the first time:

–           The step in that direction is to find a dating site whose features you can understand. Once you have found that you can create your online profile there. If you can put up a smart picture of yours’ along with the profile then that will be great. The profile should be genuine, accurate, sincere and interesting.

–           Whenever you happen to meet an interesting person online, do not proceed to say ‘whazzup, cool looks, like to meet up?’ start with a polite ‘Hi’ and thereafter take the conversation forward, share things about yourself and do remember to ask about him/her as well. Humor makes any situation manageable.

–           Check out the opposite person’s profile and if you like the name then there’s no harm in checking out for a possible date.

–           Honesty is a rarity these days but the rewards are great too.

–           Forget discussing sex issues as it act as a major cause for annoyance to most people.

Once you have happened to get acquainted with your online date, you would certainly be looking forward to meeting that person on a real date. These tips might help you further –

–           No excuses for being late, always reach on time.

–           Fancy attractions are not needed comfort gives you confidence.

–           Perfume or cologne can be applied.

–           Compliments are expected from you date, cut out pointing towards the date’s flaws.

–           First impression matter a lot.

–           Discuss simple things that are relevant and not rocket science.

–           Your own mode of conveyance would be suited; you never know what situation might arrive.

–          Do not choose a lonely place; fix a public place for the meeting that shall ensure safety.

–           One’s own instincts should be trusted, if the date is not answering your questions, then you would have to re-evaluate the relationship.

–           Show good mannerisms whatever the situation and if you do not happen to like the person upon meeting then do not promise anything that you do not intend to fulfill.

–           Show that you have a positive out look for life and you treat everyday to be a special occasion. But just do not turn towards discussing non-stop about previously doomed relationships that you have had.

Thus even the Irish residents could enjoy the advantages of online dating. And if you are looking for a new lease of life and want to say a firm good-bye to your loneliness then online dating could just hold the answer to that.

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Feb 28 2011

I’m addicted to online dating

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online dating
by IndyDina with Mr. Wonderful

Online dating addiction is something that is increasing, and health professionals are reporting record numbers of addicts seeking help. Shrinking disposable incomes are being blamed as the main reason alarming numbers of online singles are becoming addicted.

Large numbers of people are switching to online dating for sex and relationships compared to conventional means of socializing such as bar hopping. Why? because online dating is either dirt cheap or 100% free, and just because people have run out of money doesn’t mean their desire to hook up has wavered. Quite the opposite in fact, Professor Buckley from Monash University and the Sex/Wellness Research Centre tells us ” Our questionnaire to both our students and their family members who are aged under 28 years of age and who are single were asked whether their social behaviours had changed since the recession impacted the economy”.

Out of the 728 respondents, bars, night clubbing, private parties and social functions were frequented by 78% of singles under 28 years of age (14% chose online dating) as their instinctive social alternative, pre-recession. Unfortunately, and with 7 million American’s out of work, blowing hundreds of dollars on a single night out on the town is simply no option.

It is also no option for our youth to stop advancing their opportunities to find a partner or to find sex, and since the recession kicked in, the internet is now what 61% of our randy respondents chose as their primary method of meeting people.

Online dating can be rather consuming. It’s very easy to grow into a habit of checking your dating site for new messages multiple times a day. And thus, you are a candidate for online dating addiction. A five minute scan of your new messages can so easily turn into several hours of replying to new messages etc and if one of your friends sees that you’re online, you can also get side tracked in live chat rooms – hang on, I was only checking my messages – five hours later!

Another big mistake online singles are making is joining multiple online dating sites to increase their chances of more dates. All that happens with this scenario is that you end up soaking up all your time managing your presence on the various sites instead of using your time diligently short listing suitable singles on just one dating site.

People addicted to online dating need to prioritize their lives to include more balance and make strict time lines when they are online and avoid becoming obsessed with it. Work out what you want. Whether you are only in it for sex or are looking for romance, don’t waste your precious time chatting to and emailing other members you are engaging just for the sake of it.

You will have far more success with online dating if you know when to move on to the next person, or whether it’s even worth replying to some messages at all.

Matt Fuller is a full time online dating webmaster and author of Free online dating sites Australia . Meet new and exciting people online @ Free singles chat rooms . Visit us today and meet local singles , also get all the latest tips when it comes to online dating.

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Feb 27 2011

Your Must Have Checklist For Online Dating Success

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online dating
by discopalace

Getting to know your way around online dating sites can be frustrating and overwhelming, at first. There is so much to learn and what you do will have an impact on how well you will be received. In order to be successful there are 10 important steps with online dating that must be followed.

Do a simple internet search and see how many dating sites there are to choose from. Take a look at a few different ones. Think about what your needs are. Are you someone over forty? Are you very religious? There is going to be a site that can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

After you pick your dating site you must join. This is the fun part. You will need to choose a user name. This is going to be your hello. Your user name is the first thing people will see, after your picture. You will be judged by your user name. So, do not just put the first thing that comes to your mind. Imagine you are going to an interview. You would not just wake up and throw on jeans and a shirt would you? The same attitude applies here.

Once you have your user name there is the matter of filling out your profile. There will be a lot of questions. Some of them are just checking a box, but there are others that give you an opportunity to talk about yourself. You need to fill out everything completely.

Be honest. If you were previously married let it be known. Do not mislead a person into thinking you have never been married because then when they find out you have they will lose interest. If a person is not interested in dating someone who has been married before then they will not choose you, but that is a person that you would not want to date anyway.

At some point during this process you will have to choose a headline for your profile. Make sure that it is an attention grabber. Choose a few words to say something good about yourself and what you seek. Try to be unique.

Upload a photograph of yourself. Not just one. Put as many pictures as you can. All of your pictures should be less than a year old. Do not post professional pictures. If you are a woman looking for a man, do not pick pictures that show you with men. Same applies for men. That is tacky.

Do not forget to spell check everything you write. For some people that is a deal breaker. If possible, ask a close friend to review it. Then hit submit and you are ready to browse.

Browse by your interests. All dating websites have many options to help narrow down the list of potential dates. So, if you are not willing to drive an hour to meet someone make sure you choose what distance is comfortable for you. Then start looking through the list of people. If someone sparks your interest, read their profile.

A lot of sites will let a person know who has viewed their profile. So, if you read a profile and are interested, make contact. Many sites let you make some form of contact without writing an e-mail. It is referred to as flirting. This will let a person know you are interested. If they flirt back you have the green light to move on to the next step.

You should send a message to anyone that you are interested in. Make sure you read their profile first. When you write your message make a point or two about things you liked in their profile. Then you want to write something of interest about yourself. Keep it simple the first time. Make each message you write cater to that person. Be genuine.

When you have a good vibe from someone that you have shared a few messages with do not hesitate. Ask for their phone number. You have to strike while the iron is hot. Remember you are not the only person contacting him or her. If you wait you might lose them to someone else who did not wait.

Be active every day. If a person does not reply that you are really interested in do not get deflated. You must move on. This is online dating. You have hundreds of other people to contact. So, delete them from your profile and check out someone else. The more active you are the more your profile will be seen by others.

Online dating is becoming a popular way to meet people. The key is having a great profile that stands out. Remember, what you write will say a lot about who you are. Make sure to follow the above steps and you will be successful.

Visit us to check out our recommended dating sites Australia . You will also have access to hundreds of news and dating related articles to help you succeed with online dating.

Matt Fuller provides article services, free dating sites Australia and chat rooms for his dating sites in both Australia and America.

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Feb 27 2011

How To Write A Polished And Attention-Catching Online Dating Profile

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online dating
by The_April

Is the time right for you to fulfill your realities and fantasies but the one issue that stands in your way is coming up with an appealing online dating profile that will set you apart from the rest? Meeting new people online is the easiest and fastest way to make your romantic dreams come true. The problem many people face when using a dating chat service is making the most out of their online dating profile.

Your dating profile is the very first chance you have of making that vital first impression so make the most of this opportunity. To give yourself to head start on the competition, check out the following dos and don’ts of writing a catchy online dating profile.

To be sure you grab people’s attention the first moment that they come across your profile, fire up someone’s mental imagery. When approaching online dating, there are no second chances when it comes to impressing someone who stumbles across your singles profile. Without a sassy and interesting dating headline, your profile will get the flick in no time at all. Singles who are using dating sites Australia , and in every other part of the world are on the look out for profiles that have that X factor!

What To Avoid

After you have summarized some ideas and have checked out other online dating profiles for some more ideas, make sure your profile is original and avoid using cliché sayings – for example “Are You My Savior?” – this will in most cases see the person checking out your profile click on the next button. By using the same old standard profile headlines, you give other people no reason to single you out, why would they pick you when there are 100s of other dating profiles with the same headline. You need to be upbeat and interesting, not dull and boring.

Another important rule to consider when piecing together your online dating profile is not to make it the same as personal ads. For instance, a personal advertisement could read something like this “SWF Seeks DTE 32-yr Male. Meet up Wed evening for fun times” With this type of description, you are describing thousands of other people, and not necessarily yourself.

Don’t forget, your dating profile needs to take hold of someone’s attention so they can’t help but want to get to know more about you. Therefore, the best way to achieve this is to produce a red-hot opening headline.

To ignite an online hook up, complete with sparks and fire, make sure your individual qualities shine through reflecting your best assets and qualities. Include your passions and interests, likes, dislikes and be sure to display an optimistic outlook on life, then watch the attention of new admirers start clicking your way!

For more advice on how to succeed with online dating, visit one of our dating websites and check out our reviews and tips on how to navigate around this tricky terrain.

Matt Fuller provides free online dating and article services. Matt’s dating sites Australia offers local postal code matchmaking. Simply enter your postcode to find your match!

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