May 01 2011

7 Things You Should Not Talk About On The First Date

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First dates are nerve-wracking and if you don’t know that topic to talk about, you might end up in an awkward [if not embarrassing] situation with your date. Women should be tactful when going out on dates may it be the first or the 3rd date with the same guy. The first date is an important time to get to know each other to establish the initial trust and openness. A wrong impression will always last, especially if it was made verbally.

Here are 7 stingy topics you should avoid:

1. Don’t talk about your exes

It is downright rude and insensitive when a woman talks about her ex for comparison’s sake on a first date. The guy would feel bad about having to date you because your mind is obviously still fixed on a past relationship. Even if you want to compare your ex to your current date, just keep the thought to yourself and talk about a more significant topic like your date’s hobbies and interests.

2. No politics, please!

Even if politics can be a good topic to discuss, it’s better left off alone or discuss any political issues vaguely without elaborating you opinion. A first date is not the best time for debacles and debates about political issues and views. Keep the atmosphere casual and inviting in order for your date to remember you better.

3. Let’s talk about sex…Not!

Even if sex may be inevitable on a first date for some women, but please, try not to talk about this sensitive topic. You may look and sound desperate when doing so and you could lose a potential long-time relationship if you talk about sex right away. It may be normal to have sex when you’re already dating him steadily and for a long time, but talking about it as early as the very first date is a major turn off for most guys. You’ll either lose his respect or you may end up together briefly just because of physical reasons.

4. Avoid talking about religious faiths

Although religion or faith is an important matter to both man and woman, talking about it on a first date can either make or break a possible relationship. Religion is an important factor and most couples need to be compatible with this aspect of their lives in order to keep the relationship harmonious.

5. Don’t talk about showbiz gossips, most men hate it

No matter how much you love Brangelina, your date won’t get it. Talk about those celebrities with your gal pals since they can understand where you’re coming from. He might even think that you’re out-of-touch with reality if you keep on thinking and talking about Hollywood celebs instead of your hobbies. So keep it real and let him know the person that you are instead of talking about other people’s lives.

6. Avoid talking about marriage at this stage

You don’t want to send your date running off with topics like marriage, wedding planning, engagement and things associated with marriage. You only talk about marriage with a guy who has been with you for a long time. Don’t ruin your initial meeting by bombarding him with this very serious topic.

7. Money may be an interesting topic, but it’s a big NO-NO during a first date

Even if it’s tempting to ask for his salary or how much credit limit he has or how much debt is he in, it is best to discuss this once you end up in a relationship with this guy. The first date should be a fun and social way of getting to know him as a person.

Remember that when you out on a first date, the guy you’re with may also be stressed and anxious about the things that you might ask him. Put him in a more comfortable position by talking about topics that are beneficial to both of you such as your interests, hobbies and life experiences. Giving your date this initial favor can garner you a second, third or even more dates to come because he will find you a wholesome, trustworthy and fun lady to be with.

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