Feb 12 2011

Dating Questions – Questions You Should and Should Not Ask on a Date

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dating questions
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Being on a date can be a nerve-wrecking experience especially when you’re new on the race, and more particularly, if you’re going out with a complete stranger. There are a lot of awkward moments, far-out questions and only a few exchanges of words that range from the weather and the weather tomorrow. Come on, loosen up! A date is something to look forward to, not something to dread. And it’s supposed to be fun and exciting. Here are a few tips on what you should and should not ask on a date.

On your first date, it’s vital you talk about light topics. No mention of exes, why your past relationship didn’t work, personal plans in the future. Stick with books, movies and music first. It’s not a beauty contest so don’t make your questions sound urgent. It will make your date (and you) stressed and will end up calling it a night when it’s just 9 o’clock. Taste your food, take your time and chew and be cool. No need to be that eager and talk while your mouth is full. Be confident, positive and relaxed and this will make your date feel at ease and be more comfortable in chatting with you.

Get to know your date more. Stick to this goal. Start asking about their hobbies, talents, favorite show, songs and bands. Find out if you have something in common and hang on to that subject a little longer. Don’t barrage your date with about three questions all at once. Take it slowly. Share your hobbies and interests too. Take their questions seriously, but add a little humor to it. Remember to drop the pressure. Dating is not supposed to be demanding or too formal. Have fun. Talk. Laugh. And have a great time.

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