May 11 2011

Online dating and chat security – do you know who you’re talking to?

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by farukahmet

If you’re single or have children and use the internet as a social tool, you need to know the potential dangers of socializing online.

Vulnerability plays a huge role for online dating predators and they will stop at nothing in their relentless pursuit for self gain. Nigeria and Senegal are two countries that have a massive underground network and thriving illegal economy based on deceiving lonely hearts. These countries are a breeding ground for online con artists as their governments do not police these criminal activities as online fraud is part of their economies. A bit like the opium farmers in Afghanistan, or the clothing markets in South East Asia who sell fake designer goods, the governments won’t stop it because such illegal activities prop up their economies and provide income for the people that governments can’t.

Common sense will see you beat the criminals and allow you to utilize the power of online dating sites to meet real and genuine singles . Begin your online chat anonymously, and give very little away until you know what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t be too eager to rush out and meet a guy until you have been able to verify certain things. You want to know the basics, where he lives, his home phone number, and where he works etc. I’m not suggesting you turn up at his home or work place, but it’s a simple process of indentifying him and eliminating doubt.

Here is a typical example of a scam email, although common sense would indicate it’s not genuine, some inexperienced singles who are new to online dating sites will get caught out.

“Hello my dearest, even so we never knew one another, after attending to your dating profile I know we can be more than friends and share much love and happiness in marriage. My family is from of import wealth and my dying father has necessitated me to deposit ,000,000 into your appointed banking institution so we can start a family. Please react to this email destination with your bank facility numbers so my very sick father can complete the distraction before his death so we can be marry”.

The best thing you can do is to delete the email and don’t engage them at all, you are just one of thousands of people who have been spammed. The sad thing is, people really do fall for these scammers and have no way of catching them as they are international criminals and local authorities have no jurisdiction.

Always take heed of your instincts. And always remember, online dating is fun, convenient and perfect for new relationships, but never allow your safety to be compromised. If your instinct says it’s wrong – then it’s wrong, don’t settle for anything else.

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