May 17 2011

Things That One Should Know About Online Dating

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online dating advice
by whatsthatpicture

What a strange title for an article, I write online dating advice so why would I encourage people not to read it?

Clearly I believe there is some good dating advice on the internet or I wouldn’t waste my time writing dating advice and tips but I want people to think about what they are reading and who the author is before they take anything they read as gospel.

Here are 5 things to carefully consider before you take the advice of dating “experts”.

1. Everything written is an opinion from someone with a given history. Just google “article writing+fee” and see how many people in countries like India offer to write articles for website owners for a fee. India is simply one example but life there is somewhat different on the dating scene and their knowledge may well come from watching re-runs of Baywatch and Dallas. Check who is writing the website content, do their articles all sound as though they are written by the same person, are they writing from a personal perspective and if so what is their dating history?

2. The words “expert” and “guru” are over-used and I rarely read advice from anyone calling themselves either. What qualifies someone as an expert at dating? If they have been constantly dating for 30 years then they either have commitment issues or are very bad at dating. Just take Dr Phil, would I read his advice on how to have a long and happy marriage? Absolutely but would I read his advice on dating in your 40′s in 2008? What does he really know about the current dating scene, he isn’t dating.

3. Dating advice that includes comments like “I can make you attractive to men/women even if you are fat and ugly”. Would you go into a clothes shop and accept advice from a shop assistant that called you fat and ugly? I doubt it, so why would you accept being insulted simply because it’s online. False promises of making you attractive to the opposite sex rely on your lack of confidence in order to get you to buy their book or video or whatever they are selling. Take advice from people that respect who you are and aren’t desperately trying to sell you something.

4. Beware of the bitter and twisted. Blogging is a platform for many types of people but that includes those that simply want to rant about their bad experiences. There are many dating blogs that simply catalogue a serious of disastrous dates, call men names and generalise about the opposite sex, particularly written by women in their 40′s but I have yet to read one that stops and asks herself if perhaps she is the problem. Avoid these blogs, they usually have no real constructive advice to offer.

5. The ones that state “I am the same as you so my advice is best for you”. Don’t just read advice from people of the same age, gender and situation, much can be learned from reading the thoughts of the opposite sex and older people that have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. If you are recently divorced then don’t read advice by someone who is also recently divorced and trying to date again, find a writer that has been divorced, began dating again and is now in a long term relationship they have the experience you want to hear about.

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May 12 2011

5 Facts About Online Dating No One Else Will Tell you About

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online dating advice
by UA Archives | Upper Arlington History

Single men and women all around the world are looking for their Mr. and Miss Right. Below are some very importand facts and hot tips you can use..

1) Your online dating profile pretty much shows who you are and what you are looking for. With online dating profile writing,

it’s best to take time to review your profile and expand your answers as much as you can. If someone posted a short online dating profile and clearly put no thought into it, you can expect that kind of communication in real life.

2) online dating give you the opportunity to meet potential mates. However, always be cautious. It can be a pleasurable way to find love, but it can also be a risky medium that exposes you to harm. Like anything else, you have to put some effort in online dating if you want results. So do your research and read online dating advice, tip and review articles on how to actually use an online dating service the cheap, safe and right way.

3) Be patient and persistent and always trust your instincts. Get to know the person. It will give you time to understand the person better and decide if they actually are your type. This will even give you a chance to see if the person is genuine or a fraud. If a person is not attracted to you the way you are then there is no point in you wasting your own time trying to win him/her over..

4) Beware of Free Online Dating Sites. Some free online dating sites allow people to post their profiles and respond to others for free, but unfortunately these free online dating sites often attract wierdos or perverts. It’s important to check out the online dating site carefully before you join.

5) Be yourself no matter what. This is one of the most important online dating things that you can do. You are not trying to impress anyone. You are interested in online dating to find that special person that you want to be with.

Make sure to have fun and if you remember to put the following online dating advice tips in practice, you will have a much more enjoyable online dating life.

Do you want to learn more about online dating and how to do it the right way? I have just completed my brand new online dating guide here: online dating.. Enjoy!

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May 01 2011

7 Things You Should Not Talk About On The First Date

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by Mink

First dates are nerve-wracking and if you don’t know that topic to talk about, you might end up in an awkward [if not embarrassing] situation with your date. Women should be tactful when going out on dates may it be the first or the 3rd date with the same guy. The first date is an important time to get to know each other to establish the initial trust and openness. A wrong impression will always last, especially if it was made verbally.

Here are 7 stingy topics you should avoid:

1. Don’t talk about your exes

It is downright rude and insensitive when a woman talks about her ex for comparison’s sake on a first date. The guy would feel bad about having to date you because your mind is obviously still fixed on a past relationship. Even if you want to compare your ex to your current date, just keep the thought to yourself and talk about a more significant topic like your date’s hobbies and interests.

2. No politics, please!

Even if politics can be a good topic to discuss, it’s better left off alone or discuss any political issues vaguely without elaborating you opinion. A first date is not the best time for debacles and debates about political issues and views. Keep the atmosphere casual and inviting in order for your date to remember you better.

3. Let’s talk about sex…Not!

Even if sex may be inevitable on a first date for some women, but please, try not to talk about this sensitive topic. You may look and sound desperate when doing so and you could lose a potential long-time relationship if you talk about sex right away. It may be normal to have sex when you’re already dating him steadily and for a long time, but talking about it as early as the very first date is a major turn off for most guys. You’ll either lose his respect or you may end up together briefly just because of physical reasons.

4. Avoid talking about religious faiths

Although religion or faith is an important matter to both man and woman, talking about it on a first date can either make or break a possible relationship. Religion is an important factor and most couples need to be compatible with this aspect of their lives in order to keep the relationship harmonious.

5. Don’t talk about showbiz gossips, most men hate it

No matter how much you love Brangelina, your date won’t get it. Talk about those celebrities with your gal pals since they can understand where you’re coming from. He might even think that you’re out-of-touch with reality if you keep on thinking and talking about Hollywood celebs instead of your hobbies. So keep it real and let him know the person that you are instead of talking about other people’s lives.

6. Avoid talking about marriage at this stage

You don’t want to send your date running off with topics like marriage, wedding planning, engagement and things associated with marriage. You only talk about marriage with a guy who has been with you for a long time. Don’t ruin your initial meeting by bombarding him with this very serious topic.

7. Money may be an interesting topic, but it’s a big NO-NO during a first date

Even if it’s tempting to ask for his salary or how much credit limit he has or how much debt is he in, it is best to discuss this once you end up in a relationship with this guy. The first date should be a fun and social way of getting to know him as a person.

Remember that when you out on a first date, the guy you’re with may also be stressed and anxious about the things that you might ask him. Put him in a more comfortable position by talking about topics that are beneficial to both of you such as your interests, hobbies and life experiences. Giving your date this initial favor can garner you a second, third or even more dates to come because he will find you a wholesome, trustworthy and fun lady to be with.

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Mar 21 2011

The reality about internet dating

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dating questions
by Smithsonian Institution

A couple of years ago I made an arrangement to catch up with a lady I had been chatting to online. I turned up ahead of the arranged time as I preferred to see my date before she saw me. A short time later, my online date turned up joining me at my table and introduced herself as Karen.

To my surprise, Karen’s photo’s that were posted on the online dating site did not match her real life appearance. There was no mistake on my part, I wasn’t confused with someone else I had chatted to online, she was totally different. Karen was an advertising executive and posting appealing photos was her tactic in making an impression and focusing the attention on her. I pretended not to notice, and carried on with the date enjoying our conversation. Several days later Karen had again posted photos on her online dating profile of a different women.

Millions of American singles are looking for dates and relationships on the internet daily. How truthful are peoples profiles that can be found online? What is the success rate for singles finding true love online compared with offline dating? Questions and answers on this hot topic have seen research centre’s set up studies and crunch the numbers to reveal trends and lifestyles among singles who are dating regularly. Preliminary findings have revealed that online dating sites are proving to be a very realistic matchmaking method offering many benefits including convenience and financial savings as compared to conventional dating methods.

The trend that has brought some negativity to online dating is people who are not being entirely truthful about themselves when they post their online dating profile. Common exaggerations included age, appearance, marital status or their net worth. How rife is deceptive behaviour in the online dating scene?

Many of us could be forgiven for a small white lie now and then, and is possibly essential in some cases for pleasing a romantic partner (“Yes, your bottom looks great in your new jeans”) however the internet unlocks the door for numerous new avenues of deception. Recent data from one of America’s largest online dating sites indicates that 28% of online singles are not upfront with their dating profiles. However, our relationships analyst, Helen Stevens believes this number to be closer to 80%.

Helen claims that data collected which relies on self truth is unreliable and the reasons online daters don’t tell the truth about their age, weight or other characteristics comes down to personal insecurities and a desire for social acceptance not often experienced offline and the internet is the ideal environment to get away with misleading behaviour.

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