Apr 14 2011

Online Dating – a Great Check List to See if You are Ready

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Are you in two minds about whether to take the plunge and enter the world of online dating? Thinking about it and actually getting down doing it are two entirely different activities. The first is a purely cognitive thought process while the latter, involves acting on those cognitive thoughts.

Meaning of ready

Many times you may think that you are ready but you are not. It can get really confusing. You are still afraid of any friendship or relationship – you are still nursing a rejected and broken heart! In such cases it is better to prepare yourself before committing to any online dating service.

• What is your current mind status?

• Are you lonely and looking for company?

• Are you willing to share your thoughts and experiences with similar people?

• Are you willing to keep an open mind and be more accepting?

• Are you willing to pay a small fee for registering for online dating services?

If yes, then you have crossed the first hurdle – you are ready. But if no, then don’t hurry and pressurize yourself – just give yourself time to shake off insecure negative feelings.

Ready to indulge in fun

You ought to be ready for fun and this means casual chats, friendship, romantic encounters, physical intimacy and even love! But you have to be prepared to accept that online dating is a no obligation luck rendezvous where you may strike it lucky or you may not.

Ready to accept

You must display an accepting attitude in your online chats and profile. This includes an accepting attitude towards opposite genders in particular. You have to be more accepting of gender quirks, eccentricities and dislikes. This gender oriented attitude can be class or even age specific. Suppose you are chatting online with a middle aged executive, be prepared to indulge and accept his attitude.

Avoid mouthing generalities

‘Men are undependable and selfish” – ‘Women are too catty’! Are you fond of making such generic comments? If you are, then you are definitely not ready for online dating services. You have to be prepared not to mouth generic statements about the opposite gender.

Pop quiz

Nowadays dating websites provide you with an opportunity to take a quiz to see if you are ready for online dating. Question asked could pertain to your past relationships and also your idea of fun. There are times when websites might also bring into play, questions about the level of intimacy that a person is comfortable with. Moreover, the questions would also be typically molded around the mental and physical state of the person who is looking for an online date. These questions would tell you without a doubt, whether you are ready to date or not. So, what are you waiting for – go for it! Take a chance and see what happens.

Getting ready for the big event of dating can be fun and exciting as the actual event itself. It also helps to instill self esteem as it makes you a better well-rounded individual.

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