May 14 2011

Tips For A Good First Date

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dating questions
by Sam Fam

Face it there is a lot of pressure on a first date. Will you make a good impression? What if they don’t like you? What if you spill something? There are a lot of what if’s when it comes to a first date. It is enough to make anyone extremely nervous! Unfortunately, when people become nervous they tend to do stupid things. So here are some tips that can help you avoid doing something really stupid or cheesy on a first date.

Probably the most important thing to remember is to stick to what you know. This applies to where you eat, the type of activity you do, where you go. You want to appear confident and nothing will prove that you aren’t than getting lost in your own city! So to avoid looking like a dork, go to a place where you know the hours, the menu, and the activities that are available. You don’t want to show up to visit a museum only to find out they are closed for a special function.

Dress appropriately. First impressions go a long way, so make sure you offer a good one. If you are going golfing, dress casually but neat. Make sure your clothes are clean, wrinkle free and matching. In addition to making sure your clothes are right for the occasion, be sure and let your date know what you are doing so they can dress appropriately as well.

Keep your date informed. You want to be considerate, so make sure you keep your date informed about what time you will pick them up and what kind of activities you will be doing. It is also nice to find out what type of food your date likes so you can go somewhere that you both will like.

Make GOOD conversation. When you think of cheesy, it is usually the things that people say that come to mind. So make sure your conversation is pleasant, friendly, and considerate. Don’t spend the entire date talking about yourself or putting other people down. Ask your date questions and then let the conversation build from there. Good conversation is the basis of a great relationship!

Yes, first dates can be nerve wracking and even a little frightening, but if you plan well and show kindness it can be a success. Just remember to be yourself and relax, then you can avoid a truly cheesy first date!

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May 09 2011

Niche Online Dating | Ride a Horse Date a Cowboy

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online dating advice
by whatsthatpicture

What is niche online dating? Finding a date that is suitable with your values and ideals.  People are not one dimensional. Approximately, five years ago online dating was limited to single man or single woman, weight, height, age, interests, hobbies,  location and lastly please supply photo. Members of online dating services are multi-dimensional and demanded expansion profiling research for individual member. Nationally, there are approximately 1,400 online dating services. Some are free services and others require paid membership. There is an old saying, “You Get What You Pay For.” In my opinion, professional paid services are the 21st Century Online Services. These services provide in-depth personal profiles, photo galleries, private chat rooms and email messages, message boards, professional online safety dating advice, professional online dating advice and extensive niche dating categories.    

Perfectmatch online dating service has Duet Compatibility Profiles. In depth personally profiling not limited to interests and hobbies but profiling delving into individual characteristics and traits.  Duet Compatibility Profiles high tech profiling matchmaking for the 21st century. Invaluable in finding a compatible mate but an insight you’re your own personality and what makes you tick.

Online dating is not one stop shopping. Anything of value takes time. There are various reasons why people become single online date members. Obvious reason, single men looking for single women and vice versus.  Single men and women are in different stages in their lives and maybe looking for causal date, serious date, and companionship, expands social circles, shared values and ideals, mutual respect, long lasting relationship, love and or marriage.

 People are extensive not one dimensional and are additionally looking for a date with similar backgrounds or prefer distinct dating types. Let us explore a few niche dating categories:  Single dating, Single Parent dating, Senior dating, Latin dating, Asian dating, Interracial dating, Local dating, Urban Dating, National dating, Canadian dating, Australian dating Global dating, dating by Religion, beautiful Big Women dating and yes ride a horse date a Cowboy dating.

 Matchmaking is an ancient professional. Some matchmakers used Tarot cards. In rural areas, the groom’s parents would contact a matchmaker for a bride. Generally, the bride had to be sturdy and child bearer. In royal society marriage matches were form by the Church to alien countries and increase wealth. Ancient matchmakers claimed the stars sanctified marriage matches. Finding that perfect match is magical. It is unexplainable why couples have harmonious chemistry. Compatibility is when similarities and difference combine into understanding and tranquility.  Find a mate has come a long way since ancient times. With the advent of the computer dating is personalized and international.  1 of 5 married couples met their date online. The Internet has changed the world of matchmaking and finding a mate. Specialized broad online dating services are now available. You can now find a mate anywhere in the world. Search for specialty groups or niche dating: age, race, religion, region, professional, sport fans, sexual preference, rural and etc. The key to modern online matchmaking is to find mates that are compatible. Old Matchmakers were impersonal whereas with profession online dating services you receive personal attention but are allowed anonymity. More importantly, dating candidates are able to choice their own mate based on physical attraction, mutual values and ideals

 Online Dating Services”

View: Niche Online Dating 


Online dating for singles, single parents and seniors. Matchmaking find single men or women for companionship, like mindedness, casual and serious dating, love and or marriage. FREE  Dating Search – Personal Profiles – Chat Room Communities –  Dating and Relatonship Advise – Dating Information –  Private Email Accounts – Photos/Videos – History Matchmaking –  Dating Options. Find Your  Perfect Match!.

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May 07 2011

How to successfully date a Millionaire Mate or Millionaire Match?

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dating guides
by Storm Crypt

Find a single millionaire may not happen everyday but if that’s your ultimate dream, you don’t have to go it alone. There are a variety of resources available that can help people just like you find millionaires or wealthy singles. Search online to find out what dating services are for the wealthy singles in your location. You are likely to find the best reputable millionaire dating services with a simple click. MillionaireCupid, WealthyChats, just name a few. Sugar daddy is not listed here since it’s not for serious dating which leads to marriage.

Take advantage of the singles events that are geared to wealthy singles. This is a great way to meet many potential partners all in one place. In some cities you can find speed dating activities, dances or dinner parties that may help you meet the type of people you seek. For example, the celebrity and millionaires dating service will hold a dating event for California singles in the later half of this April. And the reputable dating coach Evan will be present too.  All their members can take part in this event. If you don’t want to miss this great event, join them at once.

Remember that money is not everything. While a millionaire mate can make your quality of life easier, you also need to like the person and have some common interests for a relationship to grow. You may have recognized that it is a good time for you to invest in a great haircut and some high-quality clothes that you can have on hand for various dating activities now. Ya, you are right. Keep the good work on.

Millionaires and wealthy singles do still have the desire for love. They also want to be romantically in love with the one whom they really love the most. Actually once they fall in love, they will realize that no amount of money can buy the happiness when they are with their mates. Soon they will realize that the money and the properties they posses are vulnerable to calamities, economic depressions, and many more. No matter how rich they are, they will be the same as other singles you meet in the street everyday when they are in front of their lovers. Money is not everything, love is!

Let’s have enough of the details about being a Millionaire and its disappointments in tow. Anyway, I have seen an enjoyable way to have fun on the internet. Haven’t heard of any dating websites cater for the rich and wealthy? Your neighbor may tell you a dozen, the award winning MillionaireMatch, the reputable #1 Millionaire dating website MillionaireCupid, the new comers just like MillionaireMate, WealthyChats, and the dark horse rich men dating website, just name a few.

How to Successfully Use a Millionaire Dating Service? First, you need to create a real and attractive Profile. Many people add just a few words to their profile, hoping further contact will let interested people know what kind of person they are. Most of the time, they fail. Because the first impression for other views are not attractive enough. They will simply skip to the next one. Try to add a little bit about who you are in your profile so people will be tempted to learn more! And you can learn some great profile tips if you are on MillionaireCupid. Seems some other millionaire dating services realized this problem, but they didn’t have their “profile tips” yet.

Remember who are you and what your aim is. If you are so excited when you have joined the millionaires dating service successfully that you have forgot who you are, you almost lose. Remember, love is the first and ultimate thing you will offer to your partner. No one is looking for a companion who only wants to be with them for their money. Don’t make it all about the money, even though that’s what you are looking for. Get to know the people you’re chatting with and find out what kind of person they are. Avoid asking questions about their money or finances. Leave these questions to the gold diggers and dating scammers.

Allow yourself to have some fun with the millionaire dating service process. Use your sense of humor and enjoy meeting and talking to new people. Make yourself happy and share your happiness with your millionaire match, you will get a better impression in your mate’s eyes. It should never feel like a chore and if it does. Loosen up and enjoy finding someone that takes your breath away.

As a conclusion, using a millionaire dating service can be a fun and exciting way to find the one who you will eventually spend the rest of your life with. Use the tips above and your brain to make your success!

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May 06 2011

First Date Tips for the Ladies

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dating tips
by The Library of Congress

The first date is truly one of the greatest events in a ladies life.  You are in search for that guy that you’ll spend the rest of your life with.  And you may have a lot of ideas of what you want in a man and already have the wedding mapped out in your head.   But no matter what you have on your mind, going on a first date shouldn’t be a high pressure situation and there are some very simply things I’d have you follow to make it a success.

Here are 10 great first date tips you can use when going out with someone for the first time.  They are meant for you to reflect on so you can impress the pants off that man that you want to make your own.

1) First and foremost, make sure you are doing something you both enjoy doing.  Do something that will put you more at ease so you can concentrate on the rest of the tips below.  If you are having a miserable time, you should expect the same results overall.  You should be spending time getting to know each other not complaining about what you are doing.

2) Whatever you are doing, make sure it isn’t so intense that it takes all the focus off of your conversation and getting to know each other.

3) Have a good plan. Don’t just leave things up in the air. You can be flexible. That’s not bad.  But have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be doing.

4) Even if you feel you are having the best date you’ve had for a very long time, never, ever tell him that he is a nice guy.  Truly, there is something in many, not all, men that will turn him off; nice guys don’t always finish first!  Or so it’s perceived.

5) A sense of humor is so very important in every relationship.  So make a point to explore this on your first date.  See if you can get him to crack a smile and laugh with one of your favorite jokes.  If you can’t get him to laugh, that could be a sign that there is something missing in your connection. He may not ‘get’ you!

6) Do your best to be yourself and, above all, don’t lie! People sometimes try too hard to impress and in various ways aren’t themselves. They might even bend the truth.  That can really backfire at a later time.  Just relax and things will go a whole lot smoother. 

7) You don’t want to quit and walk out on him if you can help it.  But things can go really bad.  If they do, have a way to contact a friend and devise a way to leave early. And shake it off.  Dating is a numbers game.  The next date will likely be better!

8) Take things slow on the first date.  There is no reason to pressure him to spill all his guts and make him uncomfortable.  You don’t need to talk involving the deep subjects like religion and politics the first time being together.  Don’t judge them to quickly or harshly.  Keep an open mind about this and just have fun!

9) If the date turns out to be a dud, just be honest with him.  Tell him how you feel if you want.  But just think of it like you are just out with a friend then.  There’s no reason you can’t still have a good time.  And tomorrow, get back on that horse.  There are millions of singles out there; no reason to fret!

10) If this is someone you met, a type of blind date, someone you just corresponded with on the Internet, then be very, very careful. Meet somewhere there are plenty of other people and don’t be as open as you normally would and tell them everything regarding your life.  Don’t give away all your private secrets etc..

I hope these tips help!  You don’t want to make the first time too stressful.  Take all the things above into consideration and just have fun.  Enjoy yourself.  And if you find yourself out with someone else that is doing the same, it could be your soul mate!

-Joe Taylor

Please visit Joe Taylor’s Relationships Advice Blog and learn how you can benefit from more Unique Date Ideas!

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