May 09 2011

Using an Online Dating Coach to Find Love, Happiness… and Even Find Your Soulmate!

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by lisabatty

In this age of technology, where you find yourself faced with more time-saving devices than ever – and are simultaneously busier than ever – it is gratifying to know that you have new resources available to help you find love… happiness… and even find your Soulmate.

Internet Dating is gaining in popularity and no longer holds the stigma it did even five years ago. Online dating and matchmaking services have become highly regarded as reliable ways to take the guesswork out of dating. For those who have concentrated heavily on their careers – only to find that with success comes less time for dating – online dating services have become an invaluable tool in helping singles meet like-minded others.

Want to Find your Soulmate? The Online Dating Coach to the Rescue!

As an added benefit to the convenience of online dating, clients can also receive the services of an Online Dating Coach or “Love Coach” as we’re sometimes referred to by our clients. As a professional guide and consultant, a Dating Coach is now in demand by singles who are looking for guidance. Many professionals understand how important it is to describe the best parts of their personalities in writing – and this is where a Dating Coach can really help you shine!

An Online Dating Coach is an expert and will create an outstanding Online Dating Profile for you. There aren’t many Online Dating Coaches in the world, but those who choose this profession are often talented – and even masterful – at creating a dating profile. The coach’s talent will be crucial to the client who has a lot to offer in a relationship, but who just isn’t skillful at putting his or her ideas down on paper.

An Online Dating Coach will typically conduct an initial telephone interview with you, asking you lots of very interesting questions. During the first coaching session, your dating coach will take a look at your personality. By asking you a series of personal and revealing questions and paying attention to how you reply, your coach will use this information to create a dating strategy just for you.

Be honest with your dating coach in expressing what you’re looking for. In addition to describing your personality in your dating profile, your coach will help you be realistic in your search for a relationship. If you’re an average-looking guy collecting unemployment benefits with three young kids at home, it’s unlikely you’ll be dating a world-famous supermodel – no matter how much you think you might want to.

But on the other hand, your coach will also help you achieve the best results possible. Often an average-looking man or woman can be made to look and sound much better than they might sound on their own, just by highlighting and accentuating their best qualities. Your coach will also help you write Letters of Introduction. This will benefit you in several ways – for one, your response rate to your dating matches will almost certainly increase, and you’ll have access to more attractive partners.

As an emerging new category of personal coaching, the role of the Online Dating Coach will almost certainly expand over the next five to ten years. As Online Dating grows in popularity, so will the role of the Dating Coach in serving the needs of clients worldwide who flock to dating sites in search of their Soulmates!

Jay Reiss is an Online Dating Coach who has worked with more than two thousand clients worldwide! He’ll help you design your Online Dating Profile and show you how to succeed with Online Dating! He offers a free telephone coaching session (a 0.00 value – free!) and has Free Online Dating Advice on his website

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May 03 2011

Essential Online Dating Tips For Men – Find Your Perfect Woman

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by Ed Yourdon

Dating is a fact of life, we all know that. It has already taken many forms throughout the years and with the constant development of information technology, online dating has come into place. There are a lot of men out there who are looking for a woman online who could be their partner for life. Although there are still a lot of people who are skeptic about online dating, we cannot deny the fact that this form of dating has captured a wide audience and still growing up until today. For all the men out there, here are some essential online dating tips to help you find your perfect mate.

When you indulge yourself into online dating, you should take some time reading the profile of the woman you want to meet. There are some online dating tips that suggest a “shotgun” approach, that you should contact as many women as you can; you should know that this is not the best thing to do. Instead of tagging so many female, why not focus on one and send her a really nice and heartwarming message. Read everything that’s written on her profile and give some honest regards on some specifics. This gives the woman an impression that you are serious about having a possible date with her and you’ll definitely get a prompt response from her.

When it comes to online dating, honesty is still the best policy. The Internet has made things so much easier and there are a few who takes advantage of this convenience. Sometimes, they do not actually mean what they write on their profile and worst, they sometimes use a different photo; a photo of someone who is very pretty or handsome.

Remember, after some time of exchanging private messages with someone, you’ll have to meet with her face to face and using a different identity is not a good idea. It will only give you problems and heartaches and you’ll soon have to create your own drama just to delay the meet-up. Do not jeopardize your identity even if you’re dating online. You may never know, maybe that woman you’re dating could be your partner for life and you have no choice but let her slip away because of your dishonesty.

Never be aggressive if you’re dating online. You may agree to the fact that it is quite exciting to browse through all those women with a lot of interesting qualities, however, this does not give you the right to be aggressive in any way. Try to be as nice as you can. Send some thoughtful comments and messages indicating that you are interested in meeting her. If she doesn’t reply, don’t bug her by sending tons of messages everyday. You’ll just appear more like a stalker rather than an admirer. The best way to deal with this is to stick with one thoughtful message only. If you don’t get any response in a week’s time, you can send another one. If still you get no response, then just let it go and find someone else. It’s a vital part of dating that you must accept.

These are just some online dating tips that you can follow. However, when it comes to dating, it is still best that you come up with your own personal approach that is effective and appealing at the same time.


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Apr 30 2011

Millionaire Dating Online: Find the serious millionaire match for you!

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by XiXiDu

Everyone knows that finding someone is not easy. However, Internet dating offers so much opportunities for singles to find a lover, as long as you play it correctly and safely. Online dating experiences can be very different, some are great, while some are not. Isn’t that the same with real life dating?

We will explore the dating experiences with high caliber singles dating service. Looking for a man for a serious long-term relationship? Well, it’s a good choice if you are searching him through millionaire dating services where successful singles, wealthy men, millionaires are accumulated. Don’t forget that most women who registered with millionaire dating services share the same thoughts with you. They are also looking for someone who can be together with.

However, the gentlemen who put themselves on a millionaire singles dating club may have different thoughts. It’s absolutely correct that some of them are looking for serious dating and long-term relationships. But many of them may take the millionaire dating site as a place for fun, casual relationships, intimate relationships, or something else. So, women should be wise enough to make the judgement whether the gentleman she meets is a sugar daddy who is looking for intimate relationships or a serious millionaire match who is interested in serious long-term relationship.

First, check his photos carefully. If he has posted an album, most of the time, a serious member posts many pictures to make himself stand out, carefully view them one by one. Picture says 20 times more than plain text message. If there is a small, different site logo on the photo, it’s very likely that the photo is downloaded from another site. If the picture he posted shows him half-naked or lying in bed or something like that, then your alarm bells should be raised because generally speaking he isn’t looking for a relationship, but a bedmate. And if he exclaims that he is a millionaire, you should check if he is always well dressed and acted like a millionaire. And the picture background may also say something of his life. Don’t forget to compare his photo with what he said on the profile. E.g. On, you can confirm if the eye color, hair color, body type, height are completely consistent with his photo.

Then, check his profile status. Do you think a serious, high caliber gentleman who posted himself on a millionaires club will keep himself as a standard member or a free member? No, never! Have you ever used the verification system provided by the website? If not and you are serious of dating, hurry up and make your account verified. Verified members get much more clicks and contacts. When you look for someone, you should only concentrate on verified members.  According to the statistics provided by the leading millionaire dating network, their certified millionaires (income, photo, age verified) receive 10 times more contacts than other verified members. Verified members receive 20 times more contacts than not verified members. Others have learned to contact verified members. What about you?

Some dating sites allow members to write a short comment on the member they know. Such messages are quite helpful for us to learn about the profile owner, although it’s not always correct. Sometimes, you may see “this comment is hidden” or something like that, usually it’s not a positive one.

Date a millionaire is not easy. It’s not very difficult either. Stick to the tips and keep a level head, you are surely getting your life-time millionaire match! Of course, you may need to spend some time on it. But dating and marriage is a life-time thing. Who cares the short dating search time?

Eileen Will

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Apr 19 2011

How To Find Your Guy in a Sea of Online Dating Profiles?

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by I-5 Design & Manufacture

Online dating for the girls! Before you jump right in and open up your laptop or pc on a Saturday evening while all of your friends happen to be occupied and you’re at home by yourself I simply want you to definitely STOP and slow everything down somewhat.

In the event that you’re wanting to date once again, unless you’ve taken a good look at the unfinished business in every one of your respective relationships and also the patterns of which you’ve established with guys, absolutely no quantity of online dating sites are going to help you. Actually, it could simply make you a lot more negative thus want to give up completely.

I really want you to prevent that so first take some time to clear your head, in any case I’m guessing you need a wonderful man that’s thoroughly sorted and has his life together. The best men need a lady that’s enjoyable, clever and one who has her ‘act’ together.

As soon as you’re in a position to find your man then here are some essential ideas to get you going:

1. Become crystal clear about how wonderful you happen to be and precisely what significant elements you’ll be giving to this completely new gentleman.

2. Determine what attributes and ideals are necessary for you personally inside the guy you’re searching for.

3. Learn to really express what you are about within your user profile in order to motivate the appropriate guy to make contact with you.

4. Find out precisely what photo’s you ought to publish, as well as which of them to eliminate.

5. Have an open frame of mind to date on the Internet and to remain optimistic right up until the ideal man appears.

6. Remain calm but be unrelenting. Online dating needs time to work along with determination. Make sure to put aside plenty of time every week in order to help make this deliver the results to suit your needs.

7. Keep everything in balance. Keep in mind, online dating is only one method of discovering the right guy so continue to go out accompanied by good friends and appreciate living, in the end that’s what’s going to help you become appealing to the ideal person at the end of the day.

8. Remain safe. You’ll come across many people offering you all kinds of tips as well as negative accounts concerning singles dating sites, however in the five + years I dated on the internet I by no means felt unsafe.

By using your sound judgment, you should definitely chat on the telephone at least one time before you decide to meet and don’t travel anyplace non-public before you become familiar with the guy. Most importantly, use your own gut instinct and when uncertain, retreat.

9. Lastly, make sure to have a great time while dating on the Internet. It’s a terrific way to meet up with plenty of wonderful guys who are also intent on discovering a lasting relationship

Matt Fuller is a contributing author for various free dating sites Sydney Australia, including Visit the website today to find out more information regarding online dating in your local area.

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