May 20 2011

Online Dating – My First Time

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by whatsthatpicture

Okay, my first online dating. I’ll take a look, but I’m not saying that I’m going to participate in online dating just yet. I’ve heard the success stories and the horror stories about online dating, but I do not have any first hand experience to share with you on the topic.

What I plan to explore the different online dating services available on the web. Brace yourself and buckle your seatbelt, I’m going to try something I saw in a cartoon.

Just kidding. That’s something I like to say to the passengers in my car just before I start to drive. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m having online dating problems in the first place.

Okay, the first website I discovered says it’s a “free” online dating service. Online, red flags always go up for me when someone says that magic word, “free”. But, let’s take a closer look.

Well, it sounds good. It says it is, “an online dating service that provides a comfortable and intimate environment where you can safely and conveniently search and find your perfect soul mate, while having lots of fun. Thousands of dating ads of singles that are looking for dating romance, intimacy and friendship is available for you to browse through. Your ideal companion might be among them. (site name deleted) brings dating to new frontiers, making impossible, possible!”

I’m having a little trouble with the comfortable and intimate environment thing. They haven’t seen the room my computer sits in. Safe and convenient sounds nice though. But if the website is just a lot of personal ads, can’t I just get something like that at my local news stand or in my local newspaper?

I think I’ll move on and take a look to see if there are online dating services that provide more than dating advice and personal ads.

Hmm, now I find myself on an online dating website that claims to be the biggest online dating service on the web. It has a big picture of Dr. Phil on the front. Almost scared me away, but I’ll tough it out and stay to see what they offer.

Here is what they say, “Looking for more in a relationship and an online dating site? With over 10 years of experience in online dating and relationships, (site name deleted) is the worldwide leader in online dating and relationships. Where else can you find millions of singles looking for love, just like you? We don’t offer just online personals, we are personal in our offerings – to help you find a date, a relationship, a marriage.

Whoa! Marriage? I said I might try online dating. I never said anything about marriage! And now I have the mental image of “millions of singles looking for love”. Wow! Millions. Okay, so they sound big, but what do they actually offer?

Well, first off, they don’t really tell you much about the services they provide. Just a lot of information about the millions who have gotten married through their online dating service. So I bit the bullet and went to the sign up form to learn more.

Now comes the money question. .95 for a month or I can get discounts for longer online dating memberships. Then there is the Dr. Phil MindFindBind program that costs more. Now I’m laughing because since I am checking the online dating service out while typing this article, I evidently have waited too long to make my decision because a popup just came up to offer me assistance with making up my mind.

They do have some free services, but those are basically, create a profile, look at profiles, etc. That’s just like the free services on the first online dating website. You have to pay for the ability to actually respond to any emails sent to you by other members or block members or to see which members have taken a peek at your profile. That all sounds okay, but if you go for the whole Dr. Phil package you get an online dating tutorial, a video about online dating, online dating workshops, and online dating advice. Wow!

Well, as I said, I haven’t decided just yet, so we are going to check out one more online dating website together. Okay, this one is free. They have a patent pending on their matchmaking idea. They calculate your matchability in percentages.

The online dating method they use goes like this, “When you answer a question in our improve matches area we learn: (1) your answer, (2) how you’d like someone else to answer, and (3) how important the question is to you. We collect these three values for all users.

Your match percentage with a given person on (site name deleted), let’s call him b, is based on the values of (1), (2),and (3) for questions you’ve both answered. We’ll call that set S later in this explanation:” Wow! I thought that just regular dating was complicated.

I think I’m going to keep checking out more online dating websites until I find the one that is right for me. So far, the ones we just toured have been too much like personal ads, too expensive, too Dr. Phillish for my tastes, or too complicated. I’m sure though, just like finding the right date, there is an online dating website out there for me and one for you too!

I encourage you to at least try online dating. But don’t stop at the first online dating service you find, just like hopefully you wouldn’t stop at the first singles bar you saw. Check out as many as you need to in order to find the online dating service that is right for you.

Christine Hancock runs “The Personals Network!” There are hundreds of online dating sites out there today, so how do you know which one to choose? That’s why we decided to build Online Dating, your #1 resource for info on the top Dating Sites on the web!

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May 16 2011

Dating: The First Phone Call

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by rogercarr

One of the most common dating questions that men have is, “When should I first call her?”

The simple answer is: Anytime you like. However, beware – if you’re dealing with a really attractive woman, you can bet she has given her phone number out plenty of times.

You can also bet that every guy will call her and do what on the first phone call? He’ll try to set up a date. Why? Because he wants to get the relationship moving forward ASAP before she meets another guy!! Quick, quick!

If you can tell that a woman is keen to go on a date with you, then go ahead and organize one. However, if you sense that she probably has a number of guys interesting in dating her, let some anticipation build by not setting up a date straight away.

Trust me, she will be thankful that a guy finally had the balls to do it. How do you do it? Just call her up, re-spark the attraction, chat, have a laugh together and then end the phone call when you feel the time is right.

“Ok cool, good chatting with you again. I have to go to [somewhere] right now. But hey, we’ll talk another time.” She will be intrigued. Anticipation will build.

Set up a meet on the next phone call. When should I make the next phone call? Whenever you like.

Setting Up a Date: Everything can be going perfectly right up to this point and then be completely ruined if you don’t behave in a natural, confident way.

To help you ensure that you’re prepared for the first phone call, here are some helpful hints: Ask yourself, “Where am I planning to take her?”

Have some ideas of where you want to go with her before you call up. For example: Cafe, comedy show, beach, a new bar that has just opened, a drive to somewhere cool/relaxing/fun, a lounge bar that you know has a great atmosphere, etc.

When it comes to dating, women prefer men who lead. So never say, “Umm…I don’t know, what do you want to do?” She will feel safer with you if you can be a man and lead the way.

Don’t be afraid to bust on her in a playful way when setting up the meet. It will show that you aren’t taking it all too seriously. If you’re going to a cafe:

“I tell you what, let’s meet for a cup of coffee at [some] cafe for half an hour… that way, if you’re really freaky, I can escape with minimal time wasted. I can tell you that I have to go wash my car or something.”

Call While You’re Doing Something Else: A great way for you to demonstrate that ‘the call’ isn’t the biggest thing on your calendar for the week is to call while you’re doing something else.

Example: Call while cooking dinner. Make use of the opportunity to talk about foods and get the woman salivating at the mouth:

“Mmmm…this smells good. Hey, I’ll describe what I’m cooking and you can try to imagine it…okay, so I’ve steamed some fresh broccoli and it’s looking really green…I’ve also steamed some squash and Asian greens.

The [meat/tofu] has been marinated in a chilli-garlic sauce overnight, and the satay sauce was made at a local deli with cashews instead of peanuts. I’ve also diced four tomatoes and sliced up some mushrooms…it’s all sizzling…yum…so, hey – are you a good cook?”

Vibing and Chit-Chat: Don’t be afraid to engage in chit-chat. Be normal. Be playful. Be expressive. Talk about anything.

Lead the Way, Don’t Ask: Never say, “So, can I take you out sometime?” Such a statement can be interpreted as, “I am offering to buy you something in exchange for your time and attention.

I am interested in dating you and already have a romantic interest in you. I am totally available for you and I am looking. I really want a girlfriend.”

Just suggest that she meets you. “Hey, I want to go to my favorite cafe (or restaurant, bar, etc) this week – you should come. I’m busy on Monday and Thursday, but have you got Tuesday or Wednesday night free…”

Don’t Make it Too Serious: When it comes to dating women, too many guys behave in a way that basically says to a woman, “OK, now that we’re on a date, I am expecting that you are thinking of getting into a relationship with me.

I’ve already considered having a long-term relationship with you…in fact, I want our baby’s name to be Mary-Jane.”

Dan Bacon is the CEO of who provide dating advice for men.

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May 14 2011

Tips For A Good First Date

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by Sam Fam

Face it there is a lot of pressure on a first date. Will you make a good impression? What if they don’t like you? What if you spill something? There are a lot of what if’s when it comes to a first date. It is enough to make anyone extremely nervous! Unfortunately, when people become nervous they tend to do stupid things. So here are some tips that can help you avoid doing something really stupid or cheesy on a first date.

Probably the most important thing to remember is to stick to what you know. This applies to where you eat, the type of activity you do, where you go. You want to appear confident and nothing will prove that you aren’t than getting lost in your own city! So to avoid looking like a dork, go to a place where you know the hours, the menu, and the activities that are available. You don’t want to show up to visit a museum only to find out they are closed for a special function.

Dress appropriately. First impressions go a long way, so make sure you offer a good one. If you are going golfing, dress casually but neat. Make sure your clothes are clean, wrinkle free and matching. In addition to making sure your clothes are right for the occasion, be sure and let your date know what you are doing so they can dress appropriately as well.

Keep your date informed. You want to be considerate, so make sure you keep your date informed about what time you will pick them up and what kind of activities you will be doing. It is also nice to find out what type of food your date likes so you can go somewhere that you both will like.

Make GOOD conversation. When you think of cheesy, it is usually the things that people say that come to mind. So make sure your conversation is pleasant, friendly, and considerate. Don’t spend the entire date talking about yourself or putting other people down. Ask your date questions and then let the conversation build from there. Good conversation is the basis of a great relationship!

Yes, first dates can be nerve wracking and even a little frightening, but if you plan well and show kindness it can be a success. Just remember to be yourself and relax, then you can avoid a truly cheesy first date!

Cathy enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She is devoted to her family and enjoys their time together. One of her favorite evening rituals with her family is enjoying a cup of hot cocoa made with her Mr. Coffee Cocomotion hot chocolate maker while they talk about their day. Of course Cathy makes the best hot cocoa using her hot cocoa maker!

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May 06 2011

First Date Tips for the Ladies

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by The Library of Congress

The first date is truly one of the greatest events in a ladies life.  You are in search for that guy that you’ll spend the rest of your life with.  And you may have a lot of ideas of what you want in a man and already have the wedding mapped out in your head.   But no matter what you have on your mind, going on a first date shouldn’t be a high pressure situation and there are some very simply things I’d have you follow to make it a success.

Here are 10 great first date tips you can use when going out with someone for the first time.  They are meant for you to reflect on so you can impress the pants off that man that you want to make your own.

1) First and foremost, make sure you are doing something you both enjoy doing.  Do something that will put you more at ease so you can concentrate on the rest of the tips below.  If you are having a miserable time, you should expect the same results overall.  You should be spending time getting to know each other not complaining about what you are doing.

2) Whatever you are doing, make sure it isn’t so intense that it takes all the focus off of your conversation and getting to know each other.

3) Have a good plan. Don’t just leave things up in the air. You can be flexible. That’s not bad.  But have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be doing.

4) Even if you feel you are having the best date you’ve had for a very long time, never, ever tell him that he is a nice guy.  Truly, there is something in many, not all, men that will turn him off; nice guys don’t always finish first!  Or so it’s perceived.

5) A sense of humor is so very important in every relationship.  So make a point to explore this on your first date.  See if you can get him to crack a smile and laugh with one of your favorite jokes.  If you can’t get him to laugh, that could be a sign that there is something missing in your connection. He may not ‘get’ you!

6) Do your best to be yourself and, above all, don’t lie! People sometimes try too hard to impress and in various ways aren’t themselves. They might even bend the truth.  That can really backfire at a later time.  Just relax and things will go a whole lot smoother. 

7) You don’t want to quit and walk out on him if you can help it.  But things can go really bad.  If they do, have a way to contact a friend and devise a way to leave early. And shake it off.  Dating is a numbers game.  The next date will likely be better!

8) Take things slow on the first date.  There is no reason to pressure him to spill all his guts and make him uncomfortable.  You don’t need to talk involving the deep subjects like religion and politics the first time being together.  Don’t judge them to quickly or harshly.  Keep an open mind about this and just have fun!

9) If the date turns out to be a dud, just be honest with him.  Tell him how you feel if you want.  But just think of it like you are just out with a friend then.  There’s no reason you can’t still have a good time.  And tomorrow, get back on that horse.  There are millions of singles out there; no reason to fret!

10) If this is someone you met, a type of blind date, someone you just corresponded with on the Internet, then be very, very careful. Meet somewhere there are plenty of other people and don’t be as open as you normally would and tell them everything regarding your life.  Don’t give away all your private secrets etc..

I hope these tips help!  You don’t want to make the first time too stressful.  Take all the things above into consideration and just have fun.  Enjoy yourself.  And if you find yourself out with someone else that is doing the same, it could be your soul mate!

-Joe Taylor

Please visit Joe Taylor’s Relationships Advice Blog and learn how you can benefit from more Unique Date Ideas!

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