May 19 2011

Free Online Dating Site Reviews

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Never before has hooking up with someone been easier and we have free online dating sites on the internet to thank for this. Apart from the relative convenience (no need to dress up when you’re behind your computer right?), dating services online also pave the way for ‘dating without borders’. Indeed, just a couple of years ago it was almost impossible to even meet people in different countries let alone date them.

Unfortunately though, such flexibility also renders itself to abuse. That’s why it’s extremely important to subscribe only with reputable online dating sites. Now, many argue that the only way to stay safe while using dating services online is to go for paid online dating sites. Well here’s an online dating tip for you – there are plenty of free online dating portals that offer just the same quality in service and security.

A Look at Today’s Top Free Online Dating Sites

Free Online Dating Site OKCupid

Just the site name alone brings up an image of two people finding each other and falling in love right? Not sure where to begin? Follow the site’s online dating advice and take the Dating Persona test. After the quiz, you are classified into one of 32 dating types. Not only is the quiz fun to take but imagine just how much time you’ll save by identifying your dating type and hooking up with someone that is mathematically predicted to be compatible to yours! And this is really the feature that sets OKCupid as a free online dating site apart: it makes use of 55 different measures (and counting!) to pat down your personality trait and thus offer a more suitable match!

Other quizzes offered by this free online dating services provider is the User-Written Tests (quizzes contributed by OKCupid subscribers) and the Staff Tests (quizzes made by ‘Harvard grad’ staffers).

The Privacy Policy of OKCupid is standard enough and it DOES say that your information may be shared with third parties with whom it is connected but then again which free online dating services provider does not do that? Besides, it’s up to YOU to keep your true identity secure. Here’s a very important online dating rule – never subscribe to free online dating sites using your real name, and true and complete address!

Free Online Dating Site Plenty of Fish

If OKCupid provides an image of two people who belong together, Plenty of Fish (POF) tells you “hey, if at first you don’t succeed with this online dating thing, try and try again!”

POF is reputed to be the biggest free dating services online provider because it’s perceived as an online dating site that ‘cares’. The site is created by Marcus Friend with the vision of providing singles all they ever need in an online dating site FOR FREE so that they are not preyed upon by “faceless corporate dating sites”. Subscribers love the features of POF which include an instant messaging tool, compatibility quizzes, a hot or not photo rating system, and highly-attended forums. In fact, POF’s forums are sort of like the online version of Dear Abby as users get to post dating and relationship problems and seek advice from others. POF’s community is also something to be proud of; the site is maintained by many volunteers and those who are active in the forums form “meet & greets” that are open to anyone who wishes to attend. POF definitely shouts “cool” as far as free online dating sites are concerned.

Free Online Dating Site MatchDoctor

MatchDoctor prides itself in combining the features of a free online dating site and a social networking site. Just looking at the site and you immediately feel that it’s a ‘community’.

On the online dating front, it enables subscribers to view other’s profiles and contact those they fancy and to help you with your possible new romance, the site offers plenty of helpful articles and tips covering everything from online dating security to relationship advice.

On the social networking front, MatchDoctor enables subscribers to set up their own blogs when they subscribe, upload photos and videos (think YouTube!), chat with others via the site’s instant messaging tool, and participate in any of the on-going online forums.

As you can see, free online dating is not equal to poor service and security. Just be picky with the dating services online providers you hook up with and you’ll have just as much fun… and chances at meeting your new romance.

For More Info: Dating Site

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May 16 2011

Free Online Dating Tips – Chat and Body Language

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by Ed Yourdon

Chat and Online Dating advice: Understanding body language.

Communication is not based just on the spoken word. A great deal of learning is conveyed by body language, tone also via non verbal communications. Without looking at a person, it can be really easy to misunderstand or to give the wrong importance to words of phrases. This can often be the case with emails as people cannot often assess the humor behind someone’s tone and therefore view a message as being a lot more serious than it is.

When we trust someone, its common to pay less attention to the conversations we hear, however with new acquaintances we assess this person to a higher degree. Make certain that all of your signals stay positive and you cannot fail to impress

Understanding Body Language and chat
Body language is characterized of being made into groups of postures and meanings.

When somebody is attentive and seemingly interested in what is being said it is flattering and makes you like that person you are speaking to. The answer is to ignore distractions, phone calls and other people’s chat while keeping your body mostly still. Slightly tilt your head towards them, look at the person while they are talking and show your interest by slightly furrowing your brow. Its very important to stay patient when the other person is speaking, pause slightly before you respond as if you are absorbing everything that they have said.

singles dating chat

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May 15 2011

Meet Singles in 3 Minutes in Chat Rooms & Free Online Dating Sites !

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by Tnkntx


Like many singles, your planning on heading out this weekend in the hope of meeting then dating that perfect guy or girl. This scenario, for many, can repeat itself week in week out as you look forward to your big night out. If you think about it, going out to a bar or club is one of the most competitive past times singles face as you are basically competing with hundreds of other singles on a night out and are all looking for the same result – to meet or pick up someone, right?

Not only are you competing with complete strangers who are vying for the affections from that same guy or girl as you are, but also with your buddies with whom you go out with. Occasionally you might exchange phone numbers with other singles and end up dating them later on only to eventually realise you are not attracted to them when you meet up days later in a more subdued environment. This is a very common scenario. Finding the right chemistry is not an easy thing to do.

More and more singles are looking for dating options on the internet and are growing tired of the grind of city venues. Free online dating sites provide a much more targeted and safe dating option. In a matter of a few minutes, you can assess, contact and chat to singles in your local area.

So your at a bar, you spot someone you are attracted to, it could take half the night to muster the courage to chat to this person and the results are by no means guaranteed. When you are surfing a free online dating site, it literally takes a fraction of the time to initiate contact. If you are a shy person this also removes the feeling anxious factor, just flick them an attention grabbing message and see what happens!

Chat rooms are a fantastic way of sitting on the sidelines and checking out the talent before making your move. Its not all that different to standing at the bar and checking out other singles, but with chat rooms no one can see you and you don’t feel paranoid about standing there by yourself and gazing into the crowd.

Web cams! Log onto a free dating site that has a web chat facility. With this feature its a great way chat and interact with someone you have just met online. You are able to assess if there is any chemistry before dating them face to face.

Don’t feel embarrassed by looking for singles online, more than 1 million singles joined online dating sites in Australia in December 2008. While your friends are too embarrassed to take the plunge, you are getting on with one of the main fundamentals of happiness, finding love.

Meet singles in 3 minutes !

Lavalife singles online dating

FREE Online Dating singles sites – Internet dating site & chat rooms

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May 14 2011 Announces Partnership With Australia’s Largest Free Online Dating Site,

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by zooskpix

In an undisclosed deal, hookmeup is assisting oasisactive with their push into the Australian free online dating market. So successful has the launch of been, within ten months of their website going live, their site has the second largest market share of online singles in Australia.

Traditionally, online dating site owners have racked in mega revenue over the years from subscriptions charged to their members. So lucrative has this market been, that billionaire media tycoons have snapped up several leading dating sites in Australia and the USA to add to their portfolio of companies.

Whilst the free online dating concept has been around for many years in Australia, none have penetrated deep into the Australian market such as the likes of in the USA, which is now the largest dating site in the world.

The partnership between and oasisactive is tipped by industry experts to loosen the grip that the three big Australian paid dating sites have. With charging their members subscriptions being the only way to remain viable for the traditional dating sites, this new free dating partnership will send a worrying message to the big three paid sites.

In this fiercely competitive industry, the sudden success of oasisactive is largely due to its founder and Managing Director, Daniel Haigh. Daniel has been involved with online dating for many years and attributes his success partly to joint ventures such as the likes of the recent agreement between hookmeup and oasisactive. In recent years, Daniels group of companies, 3hgroup has been involved in other joint ventures including a partnership with MSN (MSN messenger).

With over one million Australian singles searching for love on the internet each month, hookmeup and oasisactive are telling singles to forget about paying,  put their credit cards away and sign up to their dating sites for free.

Australias largest 100% free online dating site

Australias largest free online dating singles site

free Online Dating singles sites – Internet dating site and chat rooms

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