Apr 24 2011

Dating Tips For Teenage Boys – A Guide to Getting Any Girl You Want

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by colorblindPICASO

The “Teenage”, “Puberty” as it is sometimes called, is actually a period where in boys and girls alike begin to develop their sexuality. These are the ages, when little boys are too young to be thought of as men and too old to be identified as children.

It is quite an awkward stage for some, but this does not stop them from exploring their own sexuality. Most teenage boys begin their physical changes at this age. The changes may leave them to experience some uneasiness within themselves. This does not help when they try to meet girls their age that they think they’re beginning to like.

This is why there are some useful dating tips for teenage boys that are available for them to read. This article is just one of them.

If you are a teenager reading these dating tips for teenage boys, then most likely you have a girl in mind or are currently wondering about what this word dating means. Dating is simply an activity for two people who share a common interest and who have agreed to set the stage to get to know each other better that would later on result to a blossoming romance or relationship. Dating is often put in the same category as courtship. But basically, dating would entail a social activity, a place where you can meet with your “date” and a time to set the whole ground work for a dating relationship.

It is important for teenage boys to know that dating and sex are two different things. Dating involves respect for the girl you are going out with. It also entails that you know how to conduct yourself and not let your curiosity to explore your sexuality get the best of you. It is essential that at the first stage of dating at this age, one must take the time to get to know the person you are going out with. Set a time and place that is both convenient for you. If you’re driving, it is important that you be as responsible as you can and not involve any of the hazards of drugs and alcohol into your date. A casual dinner and movie between friends will most likely be the best way to go.

Before you go out on a date, it is important that you plan what you want to do in your date and what are the things you can talk about. Perhaps you are going to the same school with this girl or you probably belong to the same neighbourhood or church. If you have some knowledge about her, it is a good way to start a conversation and to ask questions that will let her know that you are truly interested in getting to know her more. You can also talk about your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, the people you know together; simple things that could keep the atmosphere light and the fun going.

Try to be yourself, instead of putting up an act. This will show that you are comfortable in your own skin and will most likely help your date feel more at ease as you go on with your conversation.

Most dating tips for teenage boys would also suggest group dates. Group dates are social gatherings like going to the beach and playing some sports or go surfing; this could also be a simple dinner and movies night. Going with a group will help make you feel more comfortable with each other without having to do it all by yourselves. This will also allow both of you to get to know how each of you act and conduct yourselves when you’re with other people. It’s a good way to start your dating relationship and lifts off the pressure between the two of you.


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Apr 23 2011

The Best Dating Tips For Getting Any Girl to Literally Throw Themselves at You

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dating tips
by Micah Taylor

If you are tired of living an empty and monotonous life, and you want to go out with someone with whom you can have a great time with, but you are clueless about dating, then you will need the help of some of the best dating tips available.

• The best dating tips suggest that dating should be about you having fun with somebody who will also have fun being with you. There should not be a concern more important than that.

• Preparation is very important especially if you are going on a first date. Remember that first impressions last. This is a fact of life that is rather unfair but that is just the way it is. Most people judge other people right on their first meeting and they do not often give out a second chance so make the most of the one you presently have.

• Overcompensating is never a good thing. Assuming that you are not the handsomest guy or the most beautiful woman in the world, you would naturally look for ways to compensate for your lack of good looks. For instance, showing off your wit and smarts. This is acceptable as long as you do not overdo it. People can see right through a grandstanding to cover up your flaws. The best thing to do is highlight your strengths and own up to your weaknesses. Being honest will do you a lot of good especially if your date advances to something deeper along the road.

• Although looks are not the only good thing to have on a date, you should make an effort to look decent and clean, at the very least. Do not wear clothes that have stains or tears on them. Take time to browse fashion magazines and try a different look that is both comfortable for you and attractive to your date.

• Dating someone so much older or so much younger can be especially challenging. But if this is the case, you should be able to find a common ground to be able to relate with each other. Sometimes it is also good to date outside of one’s age group to mix it up a little. Dating is not just about having fun, it is also about growing as an individual and going out with someone older or younger can help widen your horizon. Dates do not necessarily have to result to relationships. If you do not end it up with your date then you just gained more friends or social contacts at the very least.

• The best dating tips that are worth remembering: Keep your expectations to a minimum. There are so many daters who go home feeling disappointed because their dates did not turn out to be Casanova or Aphrodite. This can be avoided by keeping your standards low and not having an ideal image of your date in mind. This will save you a lot of disappointment in the future.


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Apr 16 2011

Impress Asian Girls on your First Date With An Asian Girl

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by tychay

Your first date with an Asian girl.

First rule of thumb if you want to impress an Asian girl in your first date with her is taking her to a restaurant, make sure it is a very nice and classy restaurant. Although it may be okay with an American girl to go to pizza hut for Kentucky fried chicken and Asian girl will immediately peg you as being cheap, stingy, and thoughtless.

What to bring the Asian girl for the first date

It is also highly recommended on your first date you bring her flowers. Stick with roses, lilies, or orchids. A good idea is to buy a vase with the flowers and this will represent a permanent gift that she can keep and she will know that you are serious about her. Remember for the most part an Asian girl looks at dating is a serious thing.

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Why is the Asian Girl out on a date with you anyway?

To an Asian girl whole purpose of dating is to find somebody for marriage. So if it seems as though Asian girls are way too serious about the whole dating thing it is because to them it is not just a date, it is the pursuit of a life partner. To Asian women chivalry is very important whereas non-Asian women tend to look at it as a luxury.

Don’t be late for your date!

To Asian women honor and respect are extremely important so make sure you are on time for your date or if anything a few minutes early. When she gets in the car as a show of thoughtfulness and that you are a caring man asked her to buckle up. And don’t drive like a moron thinking that by driving fast or crazy you’re going to impress her.

Asian Girls hate guys that try to be macho

Generally speaking Asian women are not impressed by macho acts. In general a good rule of thumb to remember is be a gentleman and chivalrous. Always think of chivalrous things you can do for her. If you are approaching a door open it for her. When she is getting in or out of your car open the door for her. Politeness and manners go a long way with Asian women.

Your Asian date might say ‘you make me sick’

One thing you need to be aware of is that 50% of Asians suffer from what is called Asian glow, or Asian flush which is a condition where basically they are allergic to alcohol. If your date is one of these 50% If she were to consume alcohol her face would turn bright red, she would get a pounding headache, and nausea, and all kinds of allergic reactions. Keep this in mind if you are planning to make alcohol part of the evening. So find out first if she has this condition or not. With conversation with an Asian woman get them to talk about themselves or their family.

What to talk about on your date with an Asian Girl

Asian women put a very high priority on family so bringing up conversation about that topic it’s a good hot button with her. Here’s one thing many people don’t know and I didn’t know till recently. Do not ever referred to her as being Oriental. That is basically a prejudicial slur as far as Asians are concerned. Do not flirt with other women. In fact do not even look at other women unless you are having conversation with them for a purpose like ordering your meal with the waitress for example. Keep 100% of your focus and attention on her. In fact do not even bring up past relationships and past women who have been with.

The bottom line is Asian women really aren’t that much different from other women the only difference is most other women like this sort of good behavior and chivalry but they don’t expect it where as an Asian woman does expected and demand it. Asian women generally have very high self-esteem and very high values for themselves so they will not tolerate being treated badly. To ensure the night is successful just make sure you are a complete gentleman and a nice guy and make her the focus of the night.

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Mar 29 2011

Girl Dating Tips

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Want girl dating tips? Most girls are eager to please the men they love and may have the ability to adapt their own needs and personality to the object of their affection. However, this does not excuse a woman “pretending” to be something she’s not. This is a form of lying, or “playing” and may not be the best way to start a new relationship. Remember that pretending to be something you’re not involves more than just stating erroneous facts – it involves behaving in ways that are unnatural to you.

Seduction Techniques

Seduction is defined as the process of deliberately enticing a person to engage in some sort of behavior. It usually carries a negative connotation and is used in context of sexual relations or corrupting innocence in some way. (As in the charming Mrs. Robinson sexually seduced Benjamin in The Graduate, or Emperor Palpatine morally seduced young Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith)

There is no question that seduction plays an important part in dating – even in dating that doesn’t involve immediate sexual intercourse.

Body Language

Seductive body language starts very simple, perhaps using just a friendly smile and congenial disposition. However, more inviting behavior usually follows, including strong eye contact, a softer and more passionate voice, and more physical interactions like touching the hand or shoulders. The most blatant form of sexual seduction involves initiating sexual contact (kissing, massaging, necking, undressing or touching sexual parts) and is a big risk that can easily backfire or jump start a relationship at 100mph. For your own good, don’t ever engage in sexual relations until you two have been married.

These girl dating tips will help you as you find your Mr. Right.

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How to Save a Relationship

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