May 01 2011

The first date – How to impress

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by Matthieu Dejardins, eCommerce Activist

Your first date is the most important date of all when beginning a relationship with somebody. As we all know, first impressions really do count, so it is important that you do things right if you want to impress.

What is important here is that no matter what happens on the date, you must be yourself. Trying to be somebody else is a facade that can only be maintained for a limited period of time – it won’t be long before they begin to see through that.  Also, do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t like you for who you are?

No matter where you are going or what you are doing for your first date, you still want to impress them, right?  So here are a few first date tips on how to impress:

Make that little extra effort when it comes to your appearance. Whether you are a guy or girl, you will appreciate that your date has made the extra effort just for you, so to do the same for them will obviously be appreciated. We all know that a first date can be nerve racking experience.  You will be taking in absolutely everything about the other person and they will be doing the same to you, and this can be an uncomfortable experience. What is important here is that you just be yourself. Enjoy it – no matter what the outcome of your first date, if you just relax and let yourself enjoy the whole experience, then at least you can look back on that date and know that you had a good time. Your date will pick up on the fact that you are having a good time, and will likely give you the same impression about them. Remember, the first date is your opportunity to get to know each other, so ask your date questions about themselves or their interests and show a keen interest in what they are saying. People naturally love to talk about themselves or their passions, so will love the opportunity you are giving them to talk about them. Avoid talking too much about yourself. This can be a turnoff on a first date especially, so it is important to only give away certain aspects about yourself, and leave the rest for later. As with the previous point, try to turn questions back to your date and asked them about what they think or feel about certain topics you have discussed.

No matter what you do, first dates should be a fun experience where you can get to know your date a little better. So whilst you might be focused on impressing your date, it is extremely important that you be yourself at all times. If your date does not like you for who you are, then it is time to go and find somebody else.  They are not worth your time.

On the other hand, making a little effort with your appearance, and with how you treat your date, will really go a long way to impressing your date who may potentially become a long-term partner.

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Apr 16 2011

Impress Asian Girls on your First Date With An Asian Girl

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by tychay

Your first date with an Asian girl.

First rule of thumb if you want to impress an Asian girl in your first date with her is taking her to a restaurant, make sure it is a very nice and classy restaurant. Although it may be okay with an American girl to go to pizza hut for Kentucky fried chicken and Asian girl will immediately peg you as being cheap, stingy, and thoughtless.

What to bring the Asian girl for the first date

It is also highly recommended on your first date you bring her flowers. Stick with roses, lilies, or orchids. A good idea is to buy a vase with the flowers and this will represent a permanent gift that she can keep and she will know that you are serious about her. Remember for the most part an Asian girl looks at dating is a serious thing.

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Why is the Asian Girl out on a date with you anyway?

To an Asian girl whole purpose of dating is to find somebody for marriage. So if it seems as though Asian girls are way too serious about the whole dating thing it is because to them it is not just a date, it is the pursuit of a life partner. To Asian women chivalry is very important whereas non-Asian women tend to look at it as a luxury.

Don’t be late for your date!

To Asian women honor and respect are extremely important so make sure you are on time for your date or if anything a few minutes early. When she gets in the car as a show of thoughtfulness and that you are a caring man asked her to buckle up. And don’t drive like a moron thinking that by driving fast or crazy you’re going to impress her.

Asian Girls hate guys that try to be macho

Generally speaking Asian women are not impressed by macho acts. In general a good rule of thumb to remember is be a gentleman and chivalrous. Always think of chivalrous things you can do for her. If you are approaching a door open it for her. When she is getting in or out of your car open the door for her. Politeness and manners go a long way with Asian women.

Your Asian date might say ‘you make me sick’

One thing you need to be aware of is that 50% of Asians suffer from what is called Asian glow, or Asian flush which is a condition where basically they are allergic to alcohol. If your date is one of these 50% If she were to consume alcohol her face would turn bright red, she would get a pounding headache, and nausea, and all kinds of allergic reactions. Keep this in mind if you are planning to make alcohol part of the evening. So find out first if she has this condition or not. With conversation with an Asian woman get them to talk about themselves or their family.

What to talk about on your date with an Asian Girl

Asian women put a very high priority on family so bringing up conversation about that topic it’s a good hot button with her. Here’s one thing many people don’t know and I didn’t know till recently. Do not ever referred to her as being Oriental. That is basically a prejudicial slur as far as Asians are concerned. Do not flirt with other women. In fact do not even look at other women unless you are having conversation with them for a purpose like ordering your meal with the waitress for example. Keep 100% of your focus and attention on her. In fact do not even bring up past relationships and past women who have been with.

The bottom line is Asian women really aren’t that much different from other women the only difference is most other women like this sort of good behavior and chivalry but they don’t expect it where as an Asian woman does expected and demand it. Asian women generally have very high self-esteem and very high values for themselves so they will not tolerate being treated badly. To ensure the night is successful just make sure you are a complete gentleman and a nice guy and make her the focus of the night.

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