May 12 2011

Dating Tips for Guys – How to Handle Dating More Than One Woman

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by GuideEbook

When the topic of dating more than one woman comes up, things tend to get a bit polarized. Some people think that it is wrong to date more than one woman at a time and there’s nothing that you can do to change their mind. And then there are some that are open to the idea, simply because they are not really in frame of mind where they want to just be focused on one woman. I’m going to assume that you are in the second group, because well, you probably would not be reading this article if you weren’t.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with dating more than one woman at a time, as long as you are not telling them that you are being exclusive to them and then running around behind their back. Dating has gotten a lot more modern anyways, and even a lot of women don’t want to be exclusive or rush things into commitment too soon.

Here are some dating tips for guys on how to handle dating more than one woman:

1. I have to say it again… you need to make sure that the women you are dating are aware that it is not an exclusive relationship.

Try to get around this, and you are pretty much guaranteed to end up in a sticky situation somewhere down the road. Some guys make the assumption that they have to hide the fact that they are seeing more than one woman, because they don’t think any woman will be cool with it. Times have changed and she’s more than likely going to be cool with it as long as you are not playing games with her.

2. You have to make sure that you can handle being open about things and allowing her the same luxury.

It’s not going to work out in most situations if you expect that she needs to be exclusive to you, and that you can go and do your own thing. So, you need to be able to handle the possibility that whatever woman you are not with could very well be out on a date with another guy. If you can’t handle this, then dating more than one woman probably is not for you.

3. You need to be responsible.

Hey, if you are going to play the field, then you cannot allow yourself to slack on the safety. Always make sure that you are protected when you are dating more than one woman. Most guys don’t think about safe sex until it is too late, but if you are going to date more than one woman at a time, this should definitely be on your mind at all times.

If you are going to start dating more than one woman at a time, then you need to get advanced dating tips for men and become the kind of guy that women WANT to date…

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Mar 20 2011

Eat your way to better sex and more dating

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by uniondocs

This is one of the hottest tips you will ever come across… especially if you are amongst one of the millions of people in search of better sex and a healthier lifestyle!

A better sex life and good health rates as two of the most important priorities for both singles and couples according to a member survey recently published by The Better Health and Sex Guide.

It seems that such priorities are so highly sort after, yet so elusive for many citizens. And given that good health and sex can be sort as some of life’s great freebies, it seems ironic that a good sex life and a healthy lifestyle seems so unobtainable for many… Try combining them both and watch the results…

If you are not interested or simply ignore the daily tips and tricks splashed across our televisions, magazines and newspapers regarding better health and diet habits, perhaps this will finally send you the right message about including dark green leafy vegetables and fiber into your diet.

Given that our plumbing links up, whenever we eat something that is heart smart, it in turn benefits our sexual health. Another tip from The Better Health and Sex Guide claims that cardiovascular health is a great combination for sexual health as both components factor highly in healthy blood flow. Anything containing fruit, washed vegetables, and trim meat is considered beneficial for cardiovascular health.

One of the core reasons a healthy diet and regular exercise can be attributed to better sex, and sex more often, is simply because we gain a feeling of self worth, achievement and our confidence grows when we feel good about ourselves. Online dating webmaster Matt Fuller tells us that out of 384 respondents from his singles questionnaire, 126 of those profess to be routinely involved in healthy lifestyle habits with 73% of that group claiming to be more than satisfied with their sex lives.

Put plainly, when something promotes our entire body health, this enhances premium performance in bed. A diet high in vegetables and minerals can double the average persons energy levels within eight weeks and having untold positive results on all aspects of ones life ranging from sex, performance at work, maintaining and building on new relationships both socially and professionally.

Whilst this article is not primarily targeted towards general health (rather sex and dating), getting these foundations in order will set you up for more success in the dating and sex scene – so listen up! When compared to many other advanced machines, our bodies will perform at tip top form just like a well oiled and well maintained sports car. So keeping our arteries clear allows good blood flow to the heart, and the power of the blood flow to our genitals intensifies sexual arousal and also allows men to have longer harder erections – now are you starting to see the connection between diet/exercise and sex?

Apart from causing a stroke or heart attack, blocked arteries and weak blood flow deliver blood at a slower rate than well maintained arteries diminishing sexual appetite for men and women.

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Mar 10 2011

Dating Tips for Women | How to Attract More Men

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There are lots of effective and useful dating tips for women. By abiding with some simple dating tips, women can make the experience of dating a fulfilling one. Once you have a fulfilling and good dating experience, you will become more confident and also look forward to date eligible men in your social circle. Dating has a lot to do with self confidence, and this is not an over statement.

Rule number 1 of dating: Be Yourself

The first and foremost dating tip for women is that you need to be true to yourself. Most of us are so eager to impress our dates that we try and do exactly what they want us to do. For most experienced and intelligent men, it doesn’t take long to see through the façade, and it may turn out to be quite a turn off for most.

Don’t Keep Your Man Waiting

Being punctual is of utmost importance. The age old concept of being fashionably late is very out dated, and most men find it to be sheer vanity on the part of the woman. As you would want to be taken seriously by a man and not treated like someone whose time can be wasted at will, so can your date expect the same from you. Remember that dating is a give and take relationship. Do not expect to be taken seriously and treated with respect, if you cannot do the same.

Have fun!

While it is advisable to be on your guard, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun. Be gracious when compliments are offered and return them appropriately. Don’t go overboard to show how cool or trendy you are. Be perceptive of your date’s tastes and choices. Be charming but also allow your date to be the man around and let him steer you through the intricacies, wherever deemed appropriate.

Things which are better left unsaid

The absolute rule of thumb when it comes to dating tips for women, is not to talk about past relationships when meeting a man for the first time. Also make sure that you don’t bring up family issues or financial topics when meeting a man for a first date.

Appearance is key – a guy can take one look and decide that you are not for him. Remember first impressions are lasting; yes there are some days where we can’t help but look out of the ordinary but when going on a date you should make sure that this is not the day.

Keep your first conversation general – remember this is just the first date. You do not want to tell your life story to someone who may not call you in the morning for whatever reason. Try not to divulge any personal details.

Do not seem too quick to jump into a relationship – Men can find it scary if on the first date you are talking about marriage. You can talk about your dreams of a career and family but do not get too in detail.

Pay attention – look at the way he interacts with his surroundings and the staff of attendants. This will give you a good idea of what it is that he is looking for from you. So, are you sitting at a corner seat, far from the door with poor lighting?

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Keep eye contact and give feedback- let him know that you are a good companion, give real feedback and not just one word answers and stay away from “ugh ugh” and “really” or other words like that.

Look for signs of possessiveness or insecurity – does he insist that you sit on a particular chair or order a particular meal? These are small cues that may mean something as well as they may not.

Follow your gut – if you think something is not right chances are you will never be comfortable with this man so follow your heart.

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Mar 03 2011

Dating Tips That Are More Important Than “The Rules”

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by roolrool

Remember “The Rules?”  That was supposed to be a book that explained to modern women how to land the man of their dreams and have the relationship they really want.  While some of that logic was understandable, the book overcomplicated some of the most basic lessons of courtship.  For my best dating tips, you only need one page worth of rules. 

First, always look your best.  This should go without saying in the looks department, but just as importantly, you want to converse in a friendly manner.  Be approachable, maintain eye contact, and show interest in what the man is saying.  Always smile.  In other words, do not act like a witch, thinking it’s going to draw men closer to you!

Next for my dating tips, I would suggest that you learn a man’s personal space and do your best never to intrude into his privacy.  Men want beauty and exciting conversation.  However, they want to progress in the relationship at their own pace.  When you invade the man’s space you come across as clingy or controlling—perhaps even psychotic, if you have an abundance of negative energy.  Whenever you hear the advice to “be cool” all that means is that you never invade personal space!

Second for dating tips, I say don’t be afraid to be kind and supportive.  I am not saying that you should act like a sycophant or wimp.  However, when you see that the man you like is obviously kind-hearted, or is doing something nice, reward him for his behavior.  Deep down, all men want to be loved and supported.  They feel they are natural born leaders, and so want a partner to support them through “thick and thin.” 

Third for dating tips, do not write the man off as unromantic just because you don’t see eye to eye right away.  Some men have to be trained in romance; that is, they have to be shown what you like and dislike.  Most men do have a romantic spirit, however.  This spirit may be shown in little things, but if you pay attention to what he does and says, you will see a romantic side.

Finally for my dating tips, I advise women to observe the object of their affection.  Learn what role you need to take on according to his mood.  For example, when he is feeling blue, are you supportive of him?  When he is up in the air, are you traveling with him?  If you are consistent, he will start to think of you as his soul mate—a woman who is always there, and knows just what to say to make him happy.

Anna Karimo is a dating guru providing you a helping hand in improving your dating skills and guiding you with her immense knowledge and experience in dating services.

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