May 13 2011

Online dating sites – What you need to know!

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by Learning Futures Festival 2010

People often assume that meeting singles online and forming relationships this way will see these romances end more quickly than those singles who meet by conventional methods. It is widely and also incorrectly assumed that singles who meet this way are usually of inferior looks and lack social interaction skills. However studies have in fact proven that this theory is the reverse with regards to dating sites.

What this research has shown is that when online singles have advanced to the stage of meeting and understanding someone else they have met on a dating site they are not entirely blinded by an initial attraction and therefore are found to have a more likely chance of having things in common as a result of building a relationship through chat rooms and emails prior to meeting in person.

Online dating services allow their members to distinguish compatible matches from incompatible matches there for improving the chances of forming a successful relationship. Various dating sites allow singles to meet people any time of the day or night making this matchmaking tool a very convenient social outlet allowing busy singles to cruise the chat rooms any time they please and are not restricted to bar or club trading hours. For the same cost as one cover charge at your local club, a dating site will give you 1 months full access where you will be able to chat privately with other singles, join in on a group chat , or simply email those whose profiles are appealing and you would like to get to know.

Numerous variables regulate how successful a relationship can be regardless of whether you meet online or offline.Online dating simply gives you a head start with better odds compared to when you meet someone at a bar where the atmosphere is sometimes loud, is often set in a dark environment and where alcohol can cloud your judgement. Lets say you ask someone you met at a bar for their phone number, meeting someone this way will make your first date feel like you are dating a total stranger when you meet up again in a different environment.

Couples who gain skills in dealing well with communicating have a much better chance of going the distance. Online dating gives you the chance to be well informed before agreeing to go out with someone. Whats more, as we are not usually sitting at our computer downing Vodka Redbulls, its a damn sight cheaper too.

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Apr 03 2011

Free Online Dating Tips ? Everything You Need to Know

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by pellaea

With the advent of the internet comes innovative ways to meet your significant partner.  Dating has evolved into online dating.  The meeting and getting to know phase are usually done on the web via email or live chat sites instead of face to face.  This kind of acquaintance has its pro’s and con’s.  It can help to prevent you from dating someone you do not like or it can help you to get to know your potential partner first before pursuing commitment.  

However, dating online does not always end up happily ever after.  It is wise to be cautious and check out free online dating tips available.  The internet offers tips that could help to ensure that your online dating is a success.

Among the popular tips you can find on the net have to do with setting up your dating profile.  Online dating requires a participant to have a profile that lists biographies and other useful information to help people get to know you better.  This profile should be completed and answered truthfully.  This will help other people to decide whether or not you are a good match for them, so take the time to answer each question carefully.

Posting a good photo of yourself is also an important factor for online dating.  Pictures should be current.  As much as possible, post pictures that have similar angles so as not to confuse the person that is checking you out.  Also, be sure that the photos you post are of yourself, not of your pets, house, or friends. Being honest about your appearance is a good start to an online dating relationship, when the time comes to meeting face to face, at least your partner will know what you really look like.  

When meeting up with someone that you found online, be extra cautious.  Even if you have been dating online for quite sometime, a person’s reaction and attitude can be very different upfront.  It is safe to meet in public.  Make it brief and if possible, ask a friend to come with you. Get a feel for the person you are meeting, try to decide if you are going to be compatible. Don’t be in a rush to reveal too many personal details about your self until you get to know your date very well, keep the thought in the back of your mind that there are many people who are doing this just to take advantage of you, let your new date prove otherwise.

As long as you exercise caution and common sense, online dating can be a whole lot of fun, you may end up finding your soulmate, who you’ve been searching for all those years, or you could find the passionate lover that was missing in your life, igniting the fire inside you that had all but burned out. Starting out on a new romance can be so exciting, like setting off on a new adventure exploring new places that you had so long dreamed of.

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Jan 28 2011

Do You Need Online Dating Advice?

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online dating advice
by wgbhmorningstories

It can be tiring to keep searching for the right person. After multiple nights spent sitting on a bar stool, wishing that the perfect person will waltz in through the door, you might be ready to try something else. Why not listen to some online dating advice and hear why it just might be the best choice for you?

Some men and women are turned off by the thought of online dating, but it can really be a fast, effective way to meet your soulmate without all the headaches that regular dating can create.

For starters, when you date online, you have access to a huge variety and number of people. Instead of being limited to simply the people that are in the room with you at the time, such as at a club or in your work place, you have a whole network of like-minded people to choose from. You are not limited to your own city, state, or even country because you can browse through profiles and pictures of men and women all over the world.

The hundreds and thousands of choices that the internet will offer will give you the ability to choose from different looks, character traits, careers, and even cultures and religions – whatever kind of person you want to find, you will not have more selection than here.

Of course, just because you found a lot of different people does not mean that you have to talk to all of them. This format gives you the freedom to be able to decide if you will respond to everyone that makes the first move on you and if you are not interested, it is not offensive to simply ignore an online offer.

This will also open up your world to people that you might be too shy to approach in person. Instead of working up the nerve to talk to someone extremely cool or good looking, you can send out a quick email. When they respond, you have the ability to take your time and think of a clever response, instead of being forced to sound witty or intelligent on the spot, something that not everyone is good at.

With internet dating, you can always put your best foot forward. Whatever pictures you want to put up, you can put up, and no prospective future boyfriend or girlfriend needs to see you in that old t-shirt. You will never be caught off-guard or unaware and you can choose to go on only when you want to.

Having the ability to choose various times of day is a real plus as well. If you feel like you are always forced to hang out at parties at night, simply because that is the best way to meet people, but that is not the best time for you, then online dating is the perfect solution. Instead of being too tired to socialize, you will go on when you are able to. You get to make your own timetable.

Always up early? Go online at six a. M. And see who is there with you. Late-night party animal? Someone else will also be there at 2 a. M. Online dating is so exciting because you can be sure that you will never be alone.

Need online dating advice? Four words: give it a go!

Click here to learn more Online Dating Advice.

Click here for more Advice for Dating.

Julia James was tired of the same old dating information that made her gag. Instead, she decided to create her own so that she could meet the right person online.

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Jan 24 2011

Why You Need to Try Campus Dating Tip

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by State Library and Archives of Florida

Are you fresh in college, you are ready meat for the continuing students.. It is normal to get so many college mates coming your way with a proposal for a relationship with you. Before you even think about it there is another one and another one. As this is leaving you confused you desperately need a campus dating tip. Given that you are even new in college, you probably cannot even understand most of other things. It is even worse if you missed the orientation day. This will lead you to asking for direction every time you need to go somewhere or do something. Are you aware that by talking to everyone while asking for direction is a dangerous move? At this period you are announcing to the hungry opportunists, “hey I am here you can take advantage of me”, It is a good campus dating tip to avoid being stranded, desperate and confused. Peel off that confused look and adopt a confident look.

Another campus dating tip is, do not accept favors, gifts and offers from every tom, dick and Harry. Acquire some personal pride this time because you will need it. A little of it will work wonders if well used. You do not have to be rude to decline all these offers extended to you. Appreciate them but politely turn them down. If you disagree with me and keep on accepting offers, chances are you will always feel indebted at the end of the day. This will drive you into a bad dating habit since you will be dating to pay back in kind. Nothing feels bad than dating for the wrong reasons. The guilty trips when you are alone will weigh on you heavily. Chances are that before you joined college there was limitation to your freedom. You could not hang out with friends as you wished. Your parents or your guardians watched the time you had to go back to the house. Your guardian catered for personal budget. . You probably thought freedom was the best thing but now you do not know what to do with it. It is too much. A good campus dating tip i will give you is: cultivate personal discipline. I am sure you want to grow to be a responsible citizen and so you do not have to be watched. Do not stay out late after a date. It is a risky move.

Your “financial controller” is back at home and you are your own boss. You will agree with me that your financial status sometimes affect how you date especially in college. If only you would plan your budget to suit your class and expenses you would date for the right reasons. Avoid being extravagant, it is a road to nowhere. You do not have to impress her, spend on what you can afford. This is campus dating tip but remember once you are out of college it will always feel good to spoil your woman. College is fun but you must understand what fun is. Most college students interpret fun as getting naughty and living recklessly. If you are a young beautiful woman, do not hop from one guy to another. It might prove you are hot and irresistible but the repercussions are severe. campus dating tip is life has no rehearsal, live it carefully.

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