Apr 26 2011

Successful Dating Tips – Psychological Tactics to Make Girls Like You

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by Cornell University Library

What do you mean by a successful date? Would it lead to a blossoming romance and later on a real relationship? That would certainly be nice now, wouldn’t it?

A successful date may mean the two of you just had a wonderful time together and the night (or day) had ended perfectly. However, not every date will probably end this way. So now the goal is to take that extra mile and plan our dates a little more carefully to ensure a successful date. To achieve this, here are some successful dating tips that can get you started.

• Successful dating would entail setting a realistic set of criteria for your match.
Try to do this simple exercise. Write in a piece of paper your preferences and your dislikes in a person you would like to date. Be as truthful as you can. Then match this with your traits and characteristics. You’ll find out if your criteria are reasonable enough if it also matches what you have within yourself. You cannot say that you want someone very active in sports if you yourself could not play a single game without calling it quits. It’s hard to match criteria that you don’t possess within you because this would eventually be a source of your incompatibility. Try to form a set of criteria that will be realistic enough for you and your match.

• Successful dating indicates your readiness to have a good time with your date.
Most tips suggest that your mood when you go into a date affects your countenance and how you conduct yourself in the duration of your date. If you’re ready and able, then it would show in how you start and continue with a conversation. You would appear pleasant and your mindset for having a good time will also translate to your actions. It is important that you go out with the goal to have a good time and this means you need to prepare yourself hours or even days before you go out.

• Successful dating means you need to keep the atmosphere light and the fun going.
They are meant to be simple. This is when you should feel most comfortable and a little less stiff and forma. The atmosphere must be relaxed, letting go of the stress and pressures of your working day. That way, your date will have your undivided attention and you’ll feel ready to respond to your date with the intention of having fun and getting to know each other.

• Successful dating suggests you date someone that is right for you.
Setting realistic standards should get you a date that would not only meet your expectations but will also send you the right match just for you. This should be someone who has a greater or higher compatibility quotient than your most favourite movie actor or actress. Part of successful dating is setting reasonable expectations and not aiming for the high heavens which is close to impossible.

• Successful dating spells out PATIENCE.
They say patience is a virtue. It truly is. Getting to know someone entails a lot of this. It requires listening to your date; waiting for the right time for everything. Patience is needed in all of dating relationships because this is the time you are just starting out a new relationship and trying to test the waters. But being patient also has its rewards. If you are patient enough, then you might just find the person you will be spending the rest of your life with.


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