May 19 2011

Relationship Warning Signs – Take This Relationship Test to Guide you

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by infomatique

Is your relationship flashing warning signs? Are you in a relationship that you have some doubts about? Would you like some insight about how to solve your problems but don’t want to share too much with your family or your best friends about what you are feeling?

Often, it is scary to talk about warning signs with those closest to you. Once they hear what you are going through, they may hold a grudge against your love. You and your partner may work it out and get over it…but your friends and family won’t.

To help you be aware of warning signs, and to evaluate your relationship, take this assessment test. Rate yourself on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the best score. Score each section:

·8-10 Good. You are doing well in this area.

·5-7 OK. You may need to work on this area, but it can probably be solved.

·0-4 Needs work. Don’t proceed without professional counseling.

Relationship Assessment Test

Warning Sign #1. SHARED VISION:

The first warning sign is if you want to lead different lives. Ask yourself: Do my partner and I have a clear picture of what we want in life? Do we have common goals for our future together? Example: do you dream about living in an apartment in Paris, and does he rhapsodize about someday living on a farm in West Virginia? If so, this is not a shared vision.


A huge warning sign is having different values. Do you know each others values? Do you both love children, tell the truth, believe in fidelity, are both frugal, etc. Example: If you value Sunday church and your religion and he is an atheist, you have a vast difference of opinion about what is important.


A warning sign is when one person has no direction or purpose to their life. Do you know each others mission? Are you both aware that you have special talents and gifts and are you prepared to wholeheartedly support each other in using them? Example: Are you planning to be a doctor, but your partner really wants to be a couch potato? If so, you are not on the same page.


A big warning sign is if one of you is needy. Have both of you been happy and successful as singles? Do you know how to be alone and how to make yourself happy? Are you looking for someone to make you happy? Are you seeking a partner out of desperation or need? Example: you both have friends, support systems, finances, and careers.


Carrying baggage from the past is a big warning sign. Have you both cleaned up your baggage from the past? Are either of you controlled by an Ex? Do you have strategies in place about how you will deal with people from your past (parents, friends, co-workers) but you will not let your past rule your present? Example: the Ex does not call either of you for friendly chats or for help.


A warning sign is when you are not talking about your issues. Do you know how to have the “hard” talks without hurting each other? Do you know how to create a safe place to express what you need and want? Example: you do not accuse, you inform.


Negative words are warning signs. Do you spend most of your time validating each other? Do you recognize the skills and talents each of you have and remind your partner of them? Example: Do you say far more positive than negative things to each other on a daily basis?


Another warning sign is when you are complaining about your partner to others. Do you speak harshly or negatively about each other to other people? If you have issues, do you discuss them? Example: If you can’t solve them, do you get help?


Commitment issues are warning signs. Are you both in this relationship for the long haul? Do you both know it is not okay to have other romantic interests on the side? Example: If one of you feels a need to see other people, do you understand that you have to work your way out of this relationship, just as you worked your way into it?


If you don’t feel grateful for your relationship, this is a warning sign. Do you think your partner is the most fabulous person in the world and are you grateful everyday that you are together? Example: Do you let your partner know that?

A score of 80 to 100 means that your relationship has an excellent chance of surviving. A score of 50 to 75 means your partnership is okay, but will need some work. Below 50 means you need to rethink your commitment.

If many of these areas are not working in your relationship, these are your warning signs. Take a look at the areas that you should talk about. If you have a low score, ask your love to go to counseling with you if you truly want this to last. Because, if you’re in love…that’s the least two people in love can give each other.

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Mar 31 2011

Relationship Dating Advice For Getting the Right Woman For You

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by Tim Johnson

Choosing the right woman that you need to build a relationship together is one of the most important decision that you will need to make at a certain period of your life.Most of the time finding that right person that really suit you can be a very uphill task for you both if you know the way to go about it as you follows this guide, you will discover that getting the right woman for a dating relationship can be a fun filled experience for both you and your potential partners.
You need to first of all understand that a lot of singles are getting their true partners from online dating sites.Before choosing that special lady that will be right for you, you will need to set your goals as it regards the your decision towards choosing the right person that you need to build a great relationship
Setting relationship goals is just like setting goals in any other areas of your life and you will need to understand that the goals that you set towards getting that special woman for you is one of the most important decision that you are making and it is very important that you give it the commitment and concentration that you need in order to get the right woman for you
When setting up for goals for your relationship, you have to be frank with yourself about what your expectations and the qualities that you desires in the right woman that you are looking for will be like and you are committed to seeking out this qualities that will make you to be compatible to the right woman that you need. The whole truth is that most people are not bad in any way in a relationship but that for you to get the right woman or even man to build a great relationship together, you will need to get someone that is compatible to you by the person sharing the same qualities and attributes with you.This has to be the steps that you need to follow in order to get the right woman for you that you can build a great relationship together.
There has to be both soul and romantic connections to someone before the both of you can have a great relationship. The two of them goes together and not even one starts by itself. Always keep in mind that any woman that you choose to build a relationship together must always fill your long time plan and perspectives if you are serious about getting the right woman for yourself.Have fun and make use of the online dating sites with your goals and plans in place of the right woman that you need for a better and great relationship

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Mar 13 2011

Relationship Dating Advice For Christian Singles

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by uniondocs

The relationship dating process for Christians singles need to be initiated in a unique way and manner in such a way that it will help the relationship and not destroy It in the near future. Two persons needs to meet themselves and discus about certain things about the themselves in order to better get a bigger picture of their potential partner for a relationship that will have a future to be initiated.
The first steps towards successful relationship dating advice for singles is to go out and date themselves in order to get to understand each other, their partners qualities, desires and needs and also learn to know whether they will be compatibility for each other for a relationship or a longer term perspective of marriage.
As Christian singles, you need to understand that getting out to date is mainly to understand better your potential partner means that your dignity needs to be maintain and kept in high repute base on Christian standards. The dating period is the period is the period to really assess whether the other person really suits you in term of their characters, qualities, goals and vision in life because you can really make out a good relationship when they person that you are dating or in a relationship is compatible with you.
This is not the time to try to getting unnecessary intimate and emotional with your partner as this may embarrassed your partner as this is against genuine Christian beliefs and this will make your partner if the person is deeply religious to regard as a person that is not right for him or in going out to date in order to understand your partner well, you have to make sure that you keep your emotions in check.
Another important factor that you need to understand is that you need to pray to the lord to guide you in the entire dating process and getting to know the right person so that you will not make any mistakes that are not right for your relationship. When you ask for the lord’s guidance, he will be there for you.
You will need to get the right places to meet with your date to get to know more about your partner.You need to be calm in going about it and you need a space that is open like open spaces so that the two of you will not be in any enclose place that will arouse your emotions. You know that enclose environments can do that, so please avoid it not to fall into sin.
You will get to learn more about your partner and learn to respect your partner’s decisions and views about life. Anybody that wants to build a great relationship with you will learn to respect you and your desires in life. When you are on a date out with your partner, get into activities that get the two of you busy such as going out for a walk out, going for camping,going to chapel together, going to a museum or park and this will build up the intimacy between the two of you and you will help you to get to know your partner better.
In your dating relationship with your partner, do not even show any sign of being desperate, which are sign s of being discomfort as this will not help your relationship to grow but rather it makes the relationship to go sour.You just need to be who you are and try to impress your partner. Always commit your relationships to the lord as the lord take care of all the affairs of his children. These are some of the relationship dating advice that will help you as a single Christian dating with integrity.

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Feb 24 2011

Save Your Relationship From Doom By Getting Some Online Dating Advice

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by NathanaelB

It happens to a majority of us that all of a sudden, we feel that our relationship with our partner has entered a rut. Far from feeling about our relationship the way we first did when we met each other, we often start questioning our relationship. In today’s busy world, where making time for each other is extremely tough, relationships are bound to fall by the wayside if they are not nurtured continuously. If you feel your relationship has entered an unexciting patch, then analyze it closely and remember what attracted you to your partner. If the same things that left you happy and breathless at the beginning of your dating period still hold, but are now lost somewhere as you lead your separate lives, then picking up some dating secrets or a dating ebook from the internet can give it a new lease of life.

There are a number of relationship experts who are offering dating advice to men and women based upon years of experience in the form of dating ebooks that often cost a fraction of what a single hour long counseling session with these experts would cost a couple. By picking up an ebook, you not only manage to keep your personal relationship private but also get to know genuine, realistic solutions for solving the problems in your relationship.

Another advantage of picking up your dating secrets off a dating ebook is that dating couples generally do not go in for counseling. Only those who are seriously committed or married do. By getting advice about dating and reviving your relationship from an ebook instead of asking your partner to join you for counseling, you save yourself from putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on your partner, which can be detrimental to an already failing relationship.

Dating ebooks and membership sites that provide dating advice to women and men have become one of the most highly sold information products on the internet because couples all over the world are looking for a way of bringing back the “zing” into a relationship.

With relationship experts offering honest to goodness, workable solutions to get the romance back into your relationship, these dating ebooks have acted as life savers for millions of relationships all over the world.

One of the best ebooks providing dating advice for men on the internet today is The Quickstart Guide to Dating Women. The ebook provides simple solutions for getting romance back into a relationship like doing small things for your partner, being imaginative, looking good and being honest. At the same time, it also tackles serious relationship issues and provides solutions based upon male and female psychology and years of relationship research.

So if you want to know about basic dating secrets, how to bring back the romance into your relationship, get your ex back or find a new partner, then all you need to do is check out The Quickstart Guide to Dating Women and very soon, you will find yourself happily in love. The best part about the book is that it comes with a money back guarantee, so by buying a copy, you have nothing to lose but the “poor relationship” phase of your life.

Donny Gamble is the owner of an ebook that offers dating advice for women and men. To reveal dating secrets and advice on dating, please visit

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