Sep 30 2011

Online Dating Tips For Women: Pleasant Dating Experience

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Now I distinguish that most of you lesson are hardly in shrill college. Only the event of the article is that most dating tips for women neglect to reference the prominent creatures you should further should hardly do stretch dating. If you hold perpetual wondered reason the men you enjoy never appear to delay near for desire, besides the singles you’re negative that eager on only won’t go abroad no trouble how firm you undertake to put them eccentric, thereupon this dating caution is for you.

Online Dating Tips 1: Be attentive lacking organism calm.

Equable albeit you might be prepare to era some male who approaches you, you immobile don’t desire to happen eccentric as rash. Forward accepting a day from a fellow, stab to obtain to ordeal them. Coerce indubitable you see reason they are attracted to you at the weight. If you own schedule, experience a laconic communication that bequeath acknowledge per of you to status your ends.

Online Dating Tips 2: Don’t spill furthermore anon.

During dating, you autobiography yarn should nay be embellished or melodramatic. Undertake to be candid about your bygone as well as what you hold planned for the coming. Recollect that he testament study about you as era goes by. Also importantly, until you gain to distinguish him, you won’t really apprehend what he organizes to do among the knowledge he understands about you. Thus, slack further sanction discussion to continuity naturally. Whereas the cycle is appropriate, you testament experience total that you requisite to experience about undivided further.

Online Dating Tips 3: Be tight.

Various women equal to scramble the dating slice so that they are on to the connection. This is the awry thing to do. You must to snatch the duration external to receive to apprehend the guy previous you hop toward a duty. Individual get among where you are in the dating step is solution. You never necessity to attack a man that is nay ready. Tolerate him to determine if you are the female for him also clamp versa. In the unkind stretch, guard your alternatives open. Let fads to spate naturally, still always be firm that you are on the same servant.

If you gaze closely, you bequeath accomplish that these manages are actually nay dictates. Rather they are tips to recall in directive to retain a extra delightful dating experience.

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Apr 28 2011

The Dating Rules 101

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by Gilderic (Recovering)

Already tired of the spontaneous blind dates or refer-a-date stages without going any further than that? Or have you been wondering a million times why you have not been receiving calls after your first date? Are these situations so familiar to you?

If yes, then you are one of the many people who are not abiding by the “rules of dating”. Yes, dating is a game and there are surely rules that you should take to mind. These dating rules may not be treated as “official” but let us just say it is better to adhere to them than to be frustrated and lose at the dating game.

If you choose to be smart and take chances, below are some dos and don’ts on dating:

1. Do make an impression by being on time but do not be late without at least letting your date know that you won’t make it on time.

2. Do make yourself stunning and presentable for your date but do not make personal compliments of yourself like on how you look and how you would become a great catch. This will only make an impression that you are too self-confident. Instead, notice your date often and give good compliments on the way he/she looks.

3. Do enjoy the whole date together by having a nice exchange of conversation that could open up possible romance but do not make yourself sound too available since this can be a major turn off. Every date also wants to know how you have been spending your typical day at work or at home. Try to punch in conversation about your social activities with your friends or close relatives rather than saying you are a home buddy and afraid to socialize.

4. When it comes to choosing your dates, do choose someone in line with your preferences and interests. Do not date a person who has hurt you in the past. Try to explore dates with people other than your “exes”.
5. Do spur some interest and be very interesting to your date but do not tell everything in your first date. It is nice to also ask your date questions and let him/her know you are interested and when it’s your turn to answer the question, avoid the simple “yes” or “no” answer. Instead try to put in some more words but do not overdo the conversation by becoming too vocal like giving away too much personal information such as your home address.

6. Do impress your date by preparing the places you will visit or activities you will do in the entire date. But do not be distracted along the way. You need to get focused especially when your date is already there. Do not check out other people around you since this is tacky. You need to show your date that that day is specially made for both of you.

7. Do stay positive during your entire date even though there are a few bumps and opps along the way. Having a positive attitude will always bring good outcome in the end. However, do not be idealistic in a sense that you will start texting or calling someone you just started to date the first time. Let things flow as they are and you will know when is the right time to get closer once you get to know more about him/her after a few more dates.

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Mar 27 2011

6 Of The Most Important Rules For A First Date (Follow These And You Will Be A Date Magnet)

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by Smithsonian Institution

Dating has it’s own unique set of rules or code of conduct. There is the right way to do things, and there are certainly the wrong ways to do things. Knowing the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior can mean the difference between attracting somebody or turning someone off. Having the rules set out before you start your date will give you self confidence and self assurance. Both qualities are very attractive to the opposite sex. Knowing what to expect and how to behave will also decrease the likelihood of you making a mistake and possibly never seeing your date again.

First Rule: Don’t Be Late!

You know the saying: First Impressions are lasting Impressions? Being late spells disaster for your date, it is also the height of rudeness. If you tell your date that you will meet them at 7pm then be there at 7pm ! Turning up late can imply that you don’t feel the date is important enough for you to arrive on time. If you plan to meet your date at 7pm at the venue, and you are late – you also run the risk of them finding someone else to occupy their time whilst they wait for you.

Second Rule: Understand that you are both nervous!

There aren’t too many people who don’t experience some degree of nervousness when going out on a date with someone for the first time. Identifying this can put you both at ease. Don’t be so hard on yourself for being nervous, tell yourself that they are also feeling anxious and perhaps make a joke about it. Listen to your date when they speak rather than concentrating on your sweaty palms, and your date will soon feel more at ease in your presence. This is a contagious feeling, and before you know it you too will be more relaxed. Laugh at each others jokes, and try not to take the moment too seriously. Remind yourself that you are just as nervous as they are, and you’re both human! Cut yourself a break.

Third Rule: Keep the Conversation Flowing!

There’s nothing more awkward than a series of pregnant pauses. On your way to your date, think of some interesting things to talk about and keep the conversation alive. People love to talk about themselves. Ask questions about their schooling, work, travels. People also love to talk about their pets. This is a brilliant topic to keep the conversation coming.

Fourth Rule: Listening is an ACTION!

Showing interest in what your date is talking about is not only common courtesy, but it will also show your date that you are genuinely interested in what they are talking about and who they actually are. If you don’t understand the topic, ask questions. This will keep the conversation bubbling. Asking a question, however, and not listening to the answer shows disinterest and is not attractive to your date.

Fifth Rule: Don’t Hog the Limelight!

As mentioned above, people love to talk about themselves. Ask your date questions, share the conversation with equal input from each of you about your lives. If your date asks you a question, answer it, and then ask them a related question. Mutual sharing of information will get you a second date before talking about yourself all night long ever will.

Sixth Rule: Don’t Talk About Your Ex!

This is the most important rule. Picture yourself sitting with your date on an otherwise perfect evening when they suddenly go into great detail about their past relationship. This is an instant turn off for both sexes and will not portray you as someone who is ready to enter a new relationship. Leave your past in the past. There will be plenty of time to discuss in brief account anything that pertains to your current relationship down the track. Your first date together should NEVER include a conversation about your past relationships. If you are asked, politely say you would prefer not to talk about it.

Piper S. McKenzie is a Dating Expert and Mentor. Piper has been writing about dating strategies and success for over a decade, and has personally helped dozens of couples meet and find their own unique happiness in the world.

For more information on how to have the relationship that you have always dreamed of and learn the skills and techniques to succeed at relationships, please visit Piper’s site: Winning Relationships

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Mar 03 2011

Dating Tips That Are More Important Than “The Rules”

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by roolrool

Remember “The Rules?”  That was supposed to be a book that explained to modern women how to land the man of their dreams and have the relationship they really want.  While some of that logic was understandable, the book overcomplicated some of the most basic lessons of courtship.  For my best dating tips, you only need one page worth of rules. 

First, always look your best.  This should go without saying in the looks department, but just as importantly, you want to converse in a friendly manner.  Be approachable, maintain eye contact, and show interest in what the man is saying.  Always smile.  In other words, do not act like a witch, thinking it’s going to draw men closer to you!

Next for my dating tips, I would suggest that you learn a man’s personal space and do your best never to intrude into his privacy.  Men want beauty and exciting conversation.  However, they want to progress in the relationship at their own pace.  When you invade the man’s space you come across as clingy or controlling—perhaps even psychotic, if you have an abundance of negative energy.  Whenever you hear the advice to “be cool” all that means is that you never invade personal space!

Second for dating tips, I say don’t be afraid to be kind and supportive.  I am not saying that you should act like a sycophant or wimp.  However, when you see that the man you like is obviously kind-hearted, or is doing something nice, reward him for his behavior.  Deep down, all men want to be loved and supported.  They feel they are natural born leaders, and so want a partner to support them through “thick and thin.” 

Third for dating tips, do not write the man off as unromantic just because you don’t see eye to eye right away.  Some men have to be trained in romance; that is, they have to be shown what you like and dislike.  Most men do have a romantic spirit, however.  This spirit may be shown in little things, but if you pay attention to what he does and says, you will see a romantic side.

Finally for my dating tips, I advise women to observe the object of their affection.  Learn what role you need to take on according to his mood.  For example, when he is feeling blue, are you supportive of him?  When he is up in the air, are you traveling with him?  If you are consistent, he will start to think of you as his soul mate—a woman who is always there, and knows just what to say to make him happy.

Anna Karimo is a dating guru providing you a helping hand in improving your dating skills and guiding you with her immense knowledge and experience in dating services.

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