May 10 2011


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online dating advice
by planspark

One of the most important factors when selecting an online dating coach is; are they accessible? There are a lot of coaches out there that will sell you what they have to offer but you may really never get the chance to actually speak to them unless, of course, you write a huge check.

His program has scheduled weekly calls to monitor progress for his students, who have unlimited 24 hour access by email, and can call AT everyday from 9am to 6pm weekdays. They have real one-on-one contact with their personal online dating coach. He is here to make sure you succeed!

Another huge factor is; are they affordable? If you research dating coaches or seduction seminars they are priced well in to the thousands. I know of one online dating coach that charges over ,500 just to write your profile! That is simply too much cost and not enough value. You can have that same profile written for you for a lot less and get so many more benefits with the online dating coaching program.

There is a 30-day, detailed, quality-based coaching program with specific instruction and one-on-one support that is unparalleled in the online dating community for one low price. There are several programs available so check out for current class schedules and pricing.

They work with you to improve your fashion to make women drool over you, select the right online dating pics so you get more responses, write your dynamic profile and posts to attract quality women, set up exciting dating calendars and create the right environment plus so much more for a fraction of the cost of other dating coaches that won’t get you the same results!

They offer quality products including several books, audio interviews, newsletters and updates and much more that you can use for FREE as a member of the online dating coaching program. You’ll save both time and money as one of their students!

And finally, you should be looking for someone with a lot of field experience. Someone who really does know what they are talking about when it comes to online dating and has what it takes to help you become successful with online dating sites & online dating services.

Anyone can write a book and tell you fake stories, give you cheesy pick up lines & untested theories or give you general advice. What you need is concrete, detailed solid online dating instruction that will give you the confidence and success you are looking for!

AT has had literally hundreds of successful dates and thousand of quality hours in the field with women and you’ll find his tips, tricks and secrets in the E-Book “The Recipe: Everything you need to know to get women online”. As a student in the online dating coaching program, you’ll receive your copy FREE when you enroll!

“The Recipe” sets itself apart by being written from hundreds of real life web dating experiences, tried and true techniques that are guaranteed to work and it is extremely detailed in every aspect from beginning online dating to being out on successful dates to filling up your social calendar with dynamic, exciting and attractive women. It’s an online dating book that will take you to the next level and if you are serious about online dating you need to have this online dating book in your collection.

So when looking for an online dating coach you need someone who is accessible, who is affordable, who offers a quality coaching program with quality products you can implement into your dating life and who has the real life experience in the field with women and online dating sites and services to be able to give you the best online dating advice you deserve!

Renowned online dating expert, AT, is the founder & CEO of His book “The Recipe” has become a most have in the online dating community. To receive a FREE copy of “The 10 Dating MYTHS Men Fall Victim To” & enroll in the coaching program CLICK HERE

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Apr 10 2011

Learn The Secrets – Online Dating Advice And Tips – Honesty In The Community

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online dating advice
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Dating Raleigh Single Advice and Good For Penis Growth plus topics on Bigger Penis At Home

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Do you want to have an average to small penis all of your life? No you don’t. Finally there is a method that is guaranteed to work for you! You can change your life starting from today and get a bigger penis get better sex and increase your confidence.

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No matter what culture a man is from he is concerned about his penis size. If you are one of them and looking to learn How To Make Your Penis Bigger Without Pills than I have Some great news for you. Women prefer men who are larger down there rather than a guy not packing.

It’s a little known fact that your diet and what you put into your body can have a massive effect on the size on your manhood. They seem so unrelated don’t they? But they really aren’t and in this article I’m going to explain to what you eat could add you the inches you’ve always wanted.

Many men are asking the question – how to make my penis bigger? If you are one of them too you must begin by doing the right kind of research first. Here are the methods you can look into.

Using a traction device to get huge penis gains is very possible. The basic principle of the traction device has been around longer than you think.

Natural penis male enlargement Exercise Program The Truth About penis male enlargement The truth is that natural penis male enlargement through the use of manual exercises is the safest easiest and BEST way to enlarge your penis. If you learn the exercises properly (with a good program) and stick with it it’s completely possible for anybody to add 1 – 3 inches in both length and girth. And if you do it the way I’m about to teach you — you’ll do it really FAST!

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Mar 06 2011

Dating Tips for Guys: 4 Secrets To Relationships

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Dating Tips For Guys: 4 Secrets To Relationships

Once you get the hang of how to meet women and attract women, the next step is how do you KEEP her.

Of all the dating tips for guys I discuss, this one is the one most guys are most embarrassed to ask – but EVERY guy wants to know. Maybe it’s because guys aren’t supposed to want relationships, or they’re afraid their membership card to the Man Club will be revoked.

The truth is that men want to be able to date many women, but ultimately want the power to snag a quality woman when she comes into his life.

So here are my 4 secret dating tips for guys on how to get that relationship with the beautiful, sexy woman you desire.
Dating Tips for Guys: Secret 1 for relationships: Don’t Panic.

Yes, just like that motto from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you want to be sure to keep your cool – no matter what.

When a woman starts to push your buttons, you’ll be tempted to let loose those dogs of war, but you must keep your emotional calm. The primary reason for this is that women judge your confidence level by your ability to stay in control of your emotions.

The second you let your temper flare with her, or if she sees that she can push buttons and play you like a puppet, you’re doomed. She will lose attraction for you, and she’ll also be getting reinforcement to do it again.

Occasional bouts of anger are a fact of life. But if you let them burn out of control, you might take the whole forest with you.
Dating Tips for Guys: Secret 2 for relationships: Choose Your Battles

So even though you must keep your cool, as I discussed in the first dating tips for guys secret, you also need to be able to put your foot down and be firm when necessary. The key is to choose your battles instead of being drawn into every conflict.

Ultimately, men want smooth waters. We don’t like a lot of turbulence and chop in life’s ocean.

Women, on the other hand, enjoy the occasional conflict or emotional discussion. It’s cathartic for them.

So as an important dating tips for guys secret, you have to remember that you can’t be drawn into constant conflicts over things. You have to know when to give in and when to stand your ground. This balancing act is essential to your long-term sanity.

In fact, if you find that you’re being pulled into battles regularly, you should see if there may be a compatibility issue that you need to address.
Dating Tips for Guys: Secret 3 for relationships: Keep doing what you did to get her.

It’s amazing how quickly this changes once a relationship sets in, but most guys simply stop doing all the things they did to attract her in the first place.

Obviously you can’t keep up the same level of intensity and romanticism, but you can’t make sure to keep things burning. In fact, it’s a lot like a campfire: once you’ve gone through all that work to get it started, you just have to stoke it occasionally and throw a little wood on from time to time.

Oh, and don’t forget that you need to keep yourself in shape and sexy, not only for her, but for your own self-esteem. I meet a lot of guys who become over-dependent on the relationship, and if something happens, they become tragically lost.
Dating Tips for Guys: Secret 4 for relationships: Be The Man.

This one is the big daddy of all these dating tips for guys. It’s the core essence of what I call being the “Alpha Man.”

The most attractive thing about men for women is that we are *masculine* – which means we’re guys. No matter how much women complain about us (and they do quite a bit of it), they really are attracted to all the things they ridicule and roll their eyes at.

So it’s up to you to maintain the essential qualities of masculinity that keep her attracted to you. Over the long term, it’s the only way you will be happy, and it’s also the only way to keep HER happy.

Polarity, which means having distinctly separate behaviors, is necessary for there to be a charge of attraction – just like in a battery. Without that strong charge of masculinity, there is no zap of electricity between you and her.

So of all the dating tips for guys that you learn, this is the most essential for relationships and keeping the woman you find. Make sure you are The Man, and she will feel safe enough to let down her defenses to let you in.

And to get more

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Feb 09 2011

How To Attract Beautiful Woman – Dating Secrets

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Have you been shy all these years especially when it comes to dating beautiful and sexy ladies? Do you consider yourself one of the loser guys who can’t always get the girl of his dreams that’s why you’d like to learn the ways on how to attract beautiful women and make them fall for you? Beautiful ladies can be quite challenging to please that’s why as much as possible you need to learn the guaranteed ways on how to win their hearts. Don’t worry because you will no longer belong to one of the loser guys since I’ll share with you some great tips on how to attract beautiful woman and make her yours forever:

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Tip # 1: Boost Your Self Esteem

Girls like guys who are confident. Your confidence will definitely help you easily attract beautiful and sexy ladies. Try to boost your self esteem because doing so will help you make girls get attracted to you easily. Boost your self confidence because it won’t only make you a great guy to date but you’ll also become a real man.

Tip # 2: Look Great All the Time

If you want to know how to attract beautiful woman, you also need to make yourself attractive as much as possible. It would be best if you’re going to maintain a good hygiene and wear clothes that look good on you. If you’ll make yourself look great and handsome all the time, you’ll absolutely end up dating sexy and beautiful ladies.

Tip # 3: Be Funny and Witty

Beautiful ladies are quite challenging to attract but if you’re funny and witty around them, they would feel you’re someone nice to be with. Try to make beautiful girls feel comfortable at all times because if you can make them smile or laugh, they’ll surely get attracted to you and want to date you all the time.

Follow these tips with determination and patience if you want to know how to attract beautiful woman because you’ll surely end up dating the girl of your dreams pretty soon. I wish you all the best buddy and good luck!

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This author writes about Dating Secrets and Guide For Dating.

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