May 16 2011

Online Dating – the Single Lady in a One Horse Town

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by pursuethepassion

I live in a small suburban area, also known as a suburbanite or “’burb”. These areas are all over America, in the outskirts typically of major metropolitan areas. People commute for about an hour to work with their daily morning cup of Joe in the cup holder as they listen to traffic news on the radio. At the end of the day , they drive an hour back home to their spouses, kids, and their pet golden retriever.

When you’re single like me, and live in such an area, let’s just say you have to watch your back in the grocery or bookstore before approaching an attractive 30-something year old single woman sitting by herself reading a book or looking at melons in the produce section of the supermarket. Chances are, her husband or long time significant other will be a couple isles down, and you’d probably want to save yourself the trouble of approaching a woman who has been spoken for since she was I her early 20’s, after all this homemaker probably married the high school prom king. At the most, at least wait around or linger (not obviously) to see if a man comes into her presence at the coffee table to join her along with a couple of children to boot.

Now, I’m not here to talk about the ideal nuclear family or those lovely “white-picket fence” scenarios that some of us single people sometimes dream about. I am here to talk about small town online dating.

You could say, prior to the internet and online dating and online dating matchmaking services which was almost a decade ago, single people in these small towns who perhaps missed the boat when it came to the opportunity to marry their high school sweethearts or perhaps were too young to know what love is, went on with their lives, while their friends married their high school girlfriends or boyfriends, why? Because probably there were no other options in a low populated area.

But with the internet, those of us flying solo would think that we could actually FIND those other singles that are in a “cell” portion of the county that we could actually say, “Wow, I finally found someone that falls in my category!” In my case, single never married and no kids. But NOW I am discovering that when I do a search for people in my area, let’s say about a 20 mile radius, 5 profiles come up…wow…look at all the single women!

In order for me to find single women, even online, I would have to go out and top off my gas tank, print out a map of the meeting location from Yahoo Maps or Map quest, battle traffic on the interstate and stop and go traffic in the downtown area just to meet a stranger from the internet who might or might not be who they claim to be, or perhaps risk a no-show.

I am still willing to do that on occasion, however, it does get tiresome, and it would be nice to meet an actual available single lady that only take a quick 5 or 10 minutes to hop in the car and meet.

Now, the meat and potatoes. When I’m online, going through the “20-mile” radius search…low and behold I see a NEW face. Is she single? Yes! Never been married? Yes! No kids? Yes! Has her teeth intact? Yes! Educated? Yes! She even had the same interests, attitude, and values as well, we even the shared the same hobbies! How exciting!

Imagine, someone that falls within a similar category as I do! What are the odds in this one horse town. Then I read her introductory sentence, “Hello, I am single and new to the area, from the big city and discovered there are little or no single people in the area, so I figured I’d give this a try.” Some people don’t have to say it, but she expressed it because she was probably thinking the same thing I was thinking. “Man, where are all the SINGLE people?!”

So I sent her an email, thinking that she would respond, but I did not get a response, I waited for about a week, then decided to send her a follow-up email, she did respond with a “No thanks, but you’re not my type”. I’m not her type? How is this possible? I read her profile, noticed she took on the same traits and interests that I had, so how can that warrant “You’re not my type?”

I’ve come to the conclusion with my photo displayed that I wasn’t the man she was looking for, and that the interpretation for “You’re not my type” is “I’m just not attracted to you.” Now, she’s new to the area….I have to give her that much, and perhaps she needs time to realize that she just MIGHT have to reconsider her standards, she just left a big city full of good looking men with a lot of money to more of a blue-collar area, and basically the good looking, wealthy men are all married or taken.

A person like this needs, who is single and new to the area needs to realize that she’s probably not going to find what she is looking for. My online dating advice would be to either.

1. Settle on some average Joe

2. Relocate and reside in a march larger city where there are “beautiful people” to be had.

It seems though, that we live in a society where people have been blind sided by the media into thinking they should date only good looking people with high paying pay checks.

To draw a comparison, that’s like being on a deserted island where they only man that crash landed on the island with you, is the only man alive, and perhaps not the greatest looking man in the world, and refusing to date him because he doesn’t meet your standards.

Wake up, and time to smell the coffee, because it’s not so bad to reconsider your standards to a more realistic level.

Stay Tuned for my Next Article “Cyber-dating and How it Can Spoil Us”

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Tony is an Environmentalist and an Internet Entrepenuer, his hobbies include Paintballing, Online Dating Analyst, PC Gaming and dabbles in coin collecting interests. He likes to battle it out on his Guns and Gear Paintball blog ,flirts on his Online Dating Blog, and finally educates the Numismatists on Coin Collector’s Blog.

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May 06 2011

Dating Tips For Single Women- Still Single And Frustrated?

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by alex monro

Tip 1.  Single women always express their emotions and thoughts better than single men. That means guys generally have a good sense of what single women want and are after- someone who’s smart, loyal and has a great sense of humor. 


Tip 2.  Remember ladies, if single men talked about their feelings as much as single women do, then dating would be very easy. So how do you find out what single men really want if they don’t tell you?  Simple, ask your girlfriends what he meant when he said he had a really nice time with you and if the third date is too soon to have sex. Your girl friends will only tell you what you want to hear.  You need to be realistic in what guys are really saying.  Guys want a single woman who is consistent and stable. Don’t act one way on the first date and another way on the second date. Stability is the key.


Tip 3.  The goal of dating tips for single women is not to change you into someone else so you can meet more men. Guys don’t want that. Men want someone who is confident. That’s right, confidence really turns them on. If you are happy with yourself and who you are, then he will be too. Men don\’t want drama queens.


Tip 4.  Guys will pick up and notice whatever aspects of yourself you don’t like. If you hate your body type, he will also. It goes both ways. If he doesn’t feel like he is very successful, why would you disagree?


Tip 5.  Remember that a boyfriend will not magically cure everything in your life. You already had a life before you have a boyfriend. A good guy will want to help make things even better. Making someone else happy makes a good relationship. Demanding what you want does not.


Ladies, your assignment for this week is to identify two characteristics about you that you love. Write them down. Now, make sure to let five single men know about these characteristics when you talk to them or meet them. Show yourself off!


Best, Janis Spindel 

With over 16 years of experience as a professional matchmaker working exclusively for the nation’s most successful men, Janis Spindel has a unique insider’s perspective on contemporary dating. Her clients tell her exactly what they want in a relationship, in the process revealing the secrets to the male brain.

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Apr 14 2011

Why are Online Dating Websites the Best Places for Single Dating

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by joiseyshowaa

It’s a question many curious individuals ask themselves, and it’s a question others have had answered for themselves. Why are online dating services the best for singles looking for dates? In today’s day and age, dating is harder than ever with the traditional methods of meeting singles in bars or clubs or being set up on blind dates. It’s not an enjoyable way to try and attempt to meet someone new, and it seems as though half the people in those places are already with someone. How did that happen? Your single dating questions about online websites are answered.

You’re looking and they’re looking

One of the best things about an online dating service is that you are automatically past step one of the more “traditional” dating methods. There is no need to go up to a person you’re interested in to find out if they are already taken and in a relationship. Online dating websites are designed with for those single dating individuals. And really, that can be the hardest and most embarrassing step to take. Everyone on an online dating service is single!


In a dark bar or crowded club, it’s hard to determine who you might be interested in when you can barely even see what they look like. How can you pick one or two people out of a room based entirely on their dress or the way they look? It’s half the reason single dating individuals become so frustrated. How can anyone know anything about someone in this manner? Dating websites really let the dater determine who they’d like to meet. You can see a person’s profile with their interests, hobbies and activities. You can learn what they like and dislike, whether they’re religious, whether they have children and a host of other facts. Plus, you can see pictures of them on various occasions, and not just dressed up for one night out.

No fear of rejection

The fear of rejection is one of the most commonly cited reasons single daters use to delay meeting someone or introducing themselves. No one wants to get turned down. With online dating, the fear of rejection vanishes. Not only will websites match your profile to other similar to yours, but when you and another single dater both click ‘yes’ to wanting to meet each other, you can’t be turned down! And with thousands of singles available, you’re sure to find a host of available men or women you’d like to meet.

Nothing to lose

Online dating websites make it easy to learn more about other single daters you’re interested in. You’re spared the awkward moments of attempting to make conversation on a first date, or of spending hundreds of dollars on several dates only to find the two of you are not compatible. With online dating, you can talk via the internet and determine if your interests are alike. If you’re ready to meet, then you’ll already know plenty about the other person. Your date will be enjoyable and worth any money spent. Plus, knowing you’re potentially on the path to love with someone you’re truly interested in makes it all worth the time and energy!

If single dating is on your mind, here’s the best resource to get you started. Log in today at Online Dating or Single Dating and start your love life the right way!

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Apr 11 2011

Online Dating Tips for Men Who Want to Meet Single Women on the Internet

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dating questions
by ralphrepo

When guys look for the top online dating tips for men, they generally want to know a couple of basic things first up.

Once these general online dating questions are answered, then the secondary tips come into play. Here, we are dealing with the top four fundamental questions men often ask about internet dating.

What dating websites are the best to find women the fastest?

Depending on what you want, there are different answers to this question. If you want the quickest route to meeting women, there is no doubt that you should invest a little and join one of the bigger dating websites that caters for your area.

Some of these have a worldwide reach, whereas others are more geared to hooking up guys and girls in the same general areas. This author can only speak personally about Australia, and there are some amazing dating sites here. Just do a Google search to find the largest around.

If you have more time to spare, and don’t care so much about the great features the pay sites offer, by all means join a totally free dating website. But don’t be upset when you don’t get the results you are looking for.

Does my age and social status matter when I join a dating service website ?

Not at all! Today, there are women of all ages – from 18 to 80 – joining up on internet dating sites every single day. They also come from all different social and economic groups, so don’t worry about your low level of income being a barrier to your online dating success – there are millions of women out there who would love to meet you for just some fun, or even a long-term relationship with a view to marriage down the track.

How do I protect myself from being scammed online?

The best online dating tips for men in relation to being the victim of fraud are as follows:

Follow your gut instinct. If something smells fishy, leave it alone.

Never reveal your personal information before meeting women from online chatting in the flesh. This includes:

phone numbers
bank account and credit card details
anything else linked to your identity

Be careful of much younger women contacting you out of the blue. If you didn’t initiate the contact with younger females, be ultra careful. They could be out to scam a sugar-daddy!

How do I increase my chances of meeting women once I have joined a dating website?

The number one tip here is: don’t go chasing the supermodels. You will have much better chances of hooking up with compatible women if you target women who are:

slightly older, have been on the site for some time (they are serious about meeting men),
less than 10 out of 10 in the attractiveness stakes (go for 7s and under – you can make up your own scale of beauty!)
divorced or widowed. These women are definitely a better chance of replying to your responses.

Don’t despair if you don’t get replies straight away. Online dating is a huge numbers game. Be persistent to be successful.

If you want to learn all about where to find the hottest women on the Internet and how to meet them quickly, Cam Langdon will tell you all you need to know.

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