Apr 04 2011

Online dating sites – Utilizing chat rooms for success

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by Offline & Waiting for a Full Frame FX

There are many thousands of appealing singles profiles that are on offer on dating sites, learn how to achieve the best results and get noticed in the busy chat rooms.

It’s human nature to have a fear of rejection. Initiating a conversation with complete strangers can be very daunting. Chat rooms offer you an environment allowing you to chat to someone without the fear of real life rejection granting you a means of exploring multiple opportunities to establish a connection with potential dates. By having access to other peoples profiles you can easily assess the potential chemistry and make an informed decision before striking up a conversation with someone in the chat rooms.

* Chat rooms offer protection.

When you chat online and you decide it’s appropriate to end a conversation, simply say good bye. It’s a lot easier ending an online chat as opposed to being trapped for hours at the dinner table when on a blind date. Chatting online removes the awkwardness of real life dating and puts you in control of any situation. If someone is making un wanted advances in a chat room, just block that user from contacting you, it’s much easier than having to put up with someone that won’t leave you alone at a bar.

* Sit back and unwind.

Where else other than a chat room can you flirt with someone whilst still in your night wear. No one needs to know that you’re still in your underwear or bathrobe. Or after work there’s no need to rush into the bathroom and freshen up before you start to chat. Online dating can be a very private or public way of putting yourself out there and is far less intimidating than conventional dating options.

Settle your nerves and gather your thoughts before you enter the chat rooms with a glass of wine or a beer. And given that you’re at home in a secure and familiar environment, chances are you will come out of your shell and gain more confidence each time you log on.

* Plenty of fish in the sea!

The thought of rejection is possibly THE biggest thing holding many singles back from successful dating. Online dating is like window shopping in that you have the benefit to explore your options and weigh things up before you make your move on someone. Stroll through the singles profiles while you watch the online conversation all before one word is spoken – you will know when the time is right to make your presence known. If your advances are not reciprocated with someone you fancy, close that door and open another – plenty of online singles in the sea.

* Be unique

Chat rooms allow members to privately exchange photos and images outside their public online dating profile. Show someone just how great you think they are by emailing them your favourite song, a poem or a baby photo of yourself, for example. People will respond if you treat them in a special and individual way.

Brush up on your wit, humor and charm. Expose your true potential and personality when chatting online, people will notice, everyone is there looking for something that grabs their attention, and as you become more familiar with your chat peers you will soon become an identity within your chat group gaining a popular reputation and opportunities will soon come knocking.

See us for the latest dating tips and where to find the singles hotspots and to improve your social life.

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Mar 26 2011

How to Make Your First Date a Success

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by ŇÄĵŵÅ – Free Photographer

First dates are can really be scary for both the guy and the girl. But it is more scary and intimidating for a guy since the burden of making the first date a success lies entirely on him. Every date will be different and you really have to work on your charms to make it a success. For a guy the fear of rejection might make him really nervous and this can really affect your first date. There are a lot of “what if” questions in a guy’s mind and this can really make him say the wrong things due to nervousness.

A guy must really learn how to relax, there’s really nothing to fear and just be yourself. Just think of the girl as a long time friend that you always talk to. Wouldn’t it be easy to carry a conversation with a person you have known for a long time? You will feel more comfortable conversing with long time friends. So just think that the one you are dating is someone you have already known. It can be difficult at first but as you start talking to each other you will feel more comfortable. Remember, the girl must be as nervous as you because she’s being very conscious about herself, like the way she looks. So there’s really nothing to worry about.

On your first date, it is really important to practice what questions to ask of the girl. Yes conversation is the key to make your first date a success. Beforehand, think of questions you might want to ask the girl. Try to write down a list of topics that you would like to ask to your date. It could be anything and you should be ready for this so that you will have a steady flow of conversation. Try to be funny at times so as to make the girl more comfortable. This will release the tension between you as a result of nervousness.

Always take in to account that never ask your date questions that are simply answerable by yes or no. If you do this then it could end your conversation and both of you are in silence. Always ask open ended questions. The technique is let your date do the talking by asking open ended questions. These types of questions can not be answered by a simple yes or no. It will force your date to open up by elaborating more about her answer. Ask something like “what was the funniest thing that you experienced on a date?” This type of question will make your date laugh while telling you her story since she will remember something funny. See the point of open ended questions?

It is all but natural to be nervous on first dates. Improve your conversational skills and you will not have any problems the next time you go on a date.

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Feb 27 2011

Your Must Have Checklist For Online Dating Success

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online dating
by discopalace

Getting to know your way around online dating sites can be frustrating and overwhelming, at first. There is so much to learn and what you do will have an impact on how well you will be received. In order to be successful there are 10 important steps with online dating that must be followed.

Do a simple internet search and see how many dating sites there are to choose from. Take a look at a few different ones. Think about what your needs are. Are you someone over forty? Are you very religious? There is going to be a site that can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

After you pick your dating site you must join. This is the fun part. You will need to choose a user name. This is going to be your hello. Your user name is the first thing people will see, after your picture. You will be judged by your user name. So, do not just put the first thing that comes to your mind. Imagine you are going to an interview. You would not just wake up and throw on jeans and a shirt would you? The same attitude applies here.

Once you have your user name there is the matter of filling out your profile. There will be a lot of questions. Some of them are just checking a box, but there are others that give you an opportunity to talk about yourself. You need to fill out everything completely.

Be honest. If you were previously married let it be known. Do not mislead a person into thinking you have never been married because then when they find out you have they will lose interest. If a person is not interested in dating someone who has been married before then they will not choose you, but that is a person that you would not want to date anyway.

At some point during this process you will have to choose a headline for your profile. Make sure that it is an attention grabber. Choose a few words to say something good about yourself and what you seek. Try to be unique.

Upload a photograph of yourself. Not just one. Put as many pictures as you can. All of your pictures should be less than a year old. Do not post professional pictures. If you are a woman looking for a man, do not pick pictures that show you with men. Same applies for men. That is tacky.

Do not forget to spell check everything you write. For some people that is a deal breaker. If possible, ask a close friend to review it. Then hit submit and you are ready to browse.

Browse by your interests. All dating websites have many options to help narrow down the list of potential dates. So, if you are not willing to drive an hour to meet someone make sure you choose what distance is comfortable for you. Then start looking through the list of people. If someone sparks your interest, read their profile.

A lot of sites will let a person know who has viewed their profile. So, if you read a profile and are interested, make contact. Many sites let you make some form of contact without writing an e-mail. It is referred to as flirting. This will let a person know you are interested. If they flirt back you have the green light to move on to the next step.

You should send a message to anyone that you are interested in. Make sure you read their profile first. When you write your message make a point or two about things you liked in their profile. Then you want to write something of interest about yourself. Keep it simple the first time. Make each message you write cater to that person. Be genuine.

When you have a good vibe from someone that you have shared a few messages with do not hesitate. Ask for their phone number. You have to strike while the iron is hot. Remember you are not the only person contacting him or her. If you wait you might lose them to someone else who did not wait.

Be active every day. If a person does not reply that you are really interested in do not get deflated. You must move on. This is online dating. You have hundreds of other people to contact. So, delete them from your profile and check out someone else. The more active you are the more your profile will be seen by others.

Online dating is becoming a popular way to meet people. The key is having a great profile that stands out. Remember, what you write will say a lot about who you are. Make sure to follow the above steps and you will be successful.

Visit us to check out our recommended dating sites Australia . You will also have access to hundreds of news and dating related articles to help you succeed with online dating.

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Feb 26 2011

Online Dating Advice – Dating Advice For Success!

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by Burger Baroness

Online dating is increasing in popularity each night. With so many singles, why are many going online for dating? The reason is because it is effective and it works. Online dating offers a cheap, simple and safe way to find singles. You are able to search for new friends, dates and serious relationships on dating websites. Many men and women have met somebody online, dated them and even developed a relationship which led to marriage through online dating sites. Below we will discuss different benefits which online dating can give to you and why you should be signed on dating sites!

Online dating is secure. You have the option of keeping your personal information private until you feel comfortable with somebody. You have the option to communicate through email, instant messenger and phone before setting up a first date. You have the full ability on setting the pace on building up your communications.

Online dating is practical. Most online dating sites will give you options to try out their services for free in the beginning and you can later upgrade to a small monthly subscription fee. This is often much affordable instead of going to bars, clubs and different social settings each week, where you might not meet anyone.

Dating Online can be done in your free time. You have the option to meet and communicate during your free time. This is a great option for many people who are very busy. If you are very busy, this can be good. If you still want to go out and enjoy socializing with people in public settings you can still do online dating to improve your odds of meeting new people as well.

Online dating sites have many single members. You have the chance to talk with a wide variety of singles. You can filter screen, where you can find singles who share the same qualities or interests as you. A variety of guys and girls gives you more options and a better chance of finding love.

Online dating is amazing! There is no scare of rejection, you can be you and communicate and meet people who are interested in you. You can flirt and message with many singles in your area whenever you want without getting dressed up and leaving the house.

Rather you are searching for a date or a long term relationship online dating has someone for everyone. That is just a handful of benefits to online dating. What is keeping you back?

Are you new or struggling with online dating? Tired of ignored emails or inability to find a date? Then you need to go to Online Dating Advice for advice and tips for online dating success!

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