May 04 2011

Successful Dating Tips

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dating tips

You shouldn’t want to end dates with disaster. Dates should be enjoyable experience for the two of you. To do this, proper preparation and successful dating tips should be remembered.

Before a date, ample preparation is required. Make yourself as attractive as possible. You can do this by honing your muscles in the gym. There are lots of exercise routines that produce fast results. Consult your fitness expert on what workout is best for you. It is a given fact that men with beautiful bodies have high attraction levels. On your part, a chiseled body gives you confidence.

When picking a date, check if the two of you have the same interests. Compatibility is an important factor as the whole engagement will be dull if you have nothing to talk about. When both of you have the same political, social, educational, and family views, you are assured that you can carry the conversation for the rest of the night. The girl’s friends, co-workers, and parents are reliable sources for background information.

As you do your compatibility check with the girl’s friends, try to ask successful dating tips from them too. Her friends should know what traditions and preferences she has during dates. You also need to research about the woman’s limitations. Is the woman a vegetarian? IS she a feminist? Is she allergic to seafood?

Prepare for the date by choosing the best clothing that expresses your personality. While you go with clothes that reveal the real you, consider the place and occasion also. The clothes should be pleasing to the eye but never too flashy. It is not your aim to appear gay or too suave. Never wear tattered jeans in a posh restaurant. Always be clean in dates. Take a bath, brush your teeth, and wear a mild scent.

First dates are never very expensive. This is for practical reasons. First, you want to stay on budget. Do not push for a 200 dollar meal if you know you’ll crumble in debts later. Second, she already agreed to see you. It means that she agrees to go with you as long as the place is safe. A quality date does not cost a fortune.

During the date, do not be nervous. Delve into the conversation. Crack some jokes. Even corny ones will tickle her. In short, enjoy the whole evening. First dates are there for you to get acquainted with a potential partner. Do not ask her out for sex right there and then. If you really like her judging from the dating night results, be patient and ask her for another date.

If you got lucky on the first date though, always wear protection. Practicing safe sex benefits both parties.

At the end of the date, show appreciation for her effort. Thank her for coming even if the date turns out unpleasant. Be a gentleman. Even if you are not compatible with the girl, she may serve as a very valuable reference of you in the future.

Put these successful dating tips to mind and you will have fun in your date.


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Apr 26 2011

Successful Dating Tips – Psychological Tactics to Make Girls Like You

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dating tips
by Cornell University Library

What do you mean by a successful date? Would it lead to a blossoming romance and later on a real relationship? That would certainly be nice now, wouldn’t it?

A successful date may mean the two of you just had a wonderful time together and the night (or day) had ended perfectly. However, not every date will probably end this way. So now the goal is to take that extra mile and plan our dates a little more carefully to ensure a successful date. To achieve this, here are some successful dating tips that can get you started.

• Successful dating would entail setting a realistic set of criteria for your match.
Try to do this simple exercise. Write in a piece of paper your preferences and your dislikes in a person you would like to date. Be as truthful as you can. Then match this with your traits and characteristics. You’ll find out if your criteria are reasonable enough if it also matches what you have within yourself. You cannot say that you want someone very active in sports if you yourself could not play a single game without calling it quits. It’s hard to match criteria that you don’t possess within you because this would eventually be a source of your incompatibility. Try to form a set of criteria that will be realistic enough for you and your match.

• Successful dating indicates your readiness to have a good time with your date.
Most tips suggest that your mood when you go into a date affects your countenance and how you conduct yourself in the duration of your date. If you’re ready and able, then it would show in how you start and continue with a conversation. You would appear pleasant and your mindset for having a good time will also translate to your actions. It is important that you go out with the goal to have a good time and this means you need to prepare yourself hours or even days before you go out.

• Successful dating means you need to keep the atmosphere light and the fun going.
They are meant to be simple. This is when you should feel most comfortable and a little less stiff and forma. The atmosphere must be relaxed, letting go of the stress and pressures of your working day. That way, your date will have your undivided attention and you’ll feel ready to respond to your date with the intention of having fun and getting to know each other.

• Successful dating suggests you date someone that is right for you.
Setting realistic standards should get you a date that would not only meet your expectations but will also send you the right match just for you. This should be someone who has a greater or higher compatibility quotient than your most favourite movie actor or actress. Part of successful dating is setting reasonable expectations and not aiming for the high heavens which is close to impossible.

• Successful dating spells out PATIENCE.
They say patience is a virtue. It truly is. Getting to know someone entails a lot of this. It requires listening to your date; waiting for the right time for everything. Patience is needed in all of dating relationships because this is the time you are just starting out a new relationship and trying to test the waters. But being patient also has its rewards. If you are patient enough, then you might just find the person you will be spending the rest of your life with.


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Mar 16 2011

Speed Dating Tips – The Fastest Way to Pick Girls Up and to Be Successful

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dating tips
by enggul

Speed dating tips are easy to find nowadays. You just have to make a quick search online and you can find tons of stuff about speed dating tips. But what it hard to find it’s some reliable tips that you are confident it will really help you in your quest. In the following lines we will try to familiarize with some tips about how to find some quick dates.

So, if you do not know her, if she was just presented to you by a friend, a nice kiss on the cheek it can be a good start, say something to her, anything, something nice. That is only if she is unknown to you. Then try to find her phone number, either from her or from your friend that introduced you (the main condition: so you can have a nice shot with her it is important for her not to be involved in a relationship or for you not be totally unlikable to her).

After a couple of days make a call and invite her to a movie, or you can even possibly call some common friends. If she is saying no and you really like her, try again after a few days. If she is saying no again from various reasons, just forget about her and find another girl. If you is saying yes, you go to her, you take her by the hand and you take her somewhere nice. If after a few seconds she takes her hand back, do not despair, you probably have to cross a street soon and you will have another chance.

You arrive to the cinema or the theater (the first time you will have to pay for al because you made the invitation, but after that she can pay for herself). In the theater, sit and make yourself comfortable (your right hand will have to sit nicely on her shoulder and with the other hand take her hand into yours) and you can try to get closer to her and stop here or you can try to kiss her (do I need to explain you how to kiss a girl?). Be sure not to be a boring movie (but not something from which you cannot take your eyes off of the screen either). If you see denies you, be patient. If she is stubborn, you can be too. (you can even tell her this, but be sure to tell her as a joke).

The movie or the show ends, come out closely tied together, you take her home and kiss her before she enter inside. Tell her you will call or you can make plans for next time before your date ends.

Here you have some quick speed dating tips that you should kind of learn to know them by memory:

1) Do not do the mistake to give money on flowers unless you really, really like her, otherwise maybe only on a birthday once a year.

2) On a date make jokes, be happy, be a boy gang, do not be soft and serious all time during the date.

3) Do not be the only one who calls. Let her call too.

4) Do not spend too much money with her.

5) Compliments should come after you picked her up, not before.

6) If she is not too smart, do not her home for your parents to meet her, even if this is beautiful. Is better if she is not so beautiful, but smart, she will make a better impression.

7) Never tell the girls if there is no involvement yet that you like them.
8) Do not fall in love until you are sure of what the situation between you two.

9) Re-heated soup is not good (if you broke up with her, it must have been for a reason.

10) Do not get back together only if you want a revenge).

Here some really important golden speed dating tips:

1) Do not be soft in the relationship, or you will get nowhere.

2) Do not chase cars and girls. They will come to you at some point. You just have to be confident.

3) If all these cannot help you, it is your fault.

Good luck!

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Feb 09 2011

Successful Online Dating Advice for a Single Women

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online dating advice
by whatsthatpicture

Those online dating advice are meant to weed out most of the Mr. Wrong.

The online dating advice no 1: Create a good screen name

Don’t make any references to sexuality like bootydeliciousred head, or sexy-blonde or fun_hot_brunette. You are not selling your body or sexual skills. You are selling who you are.

A good username has to be something about you. Find something that you have that is positively different then anyone else. It could be like cooking_sorcerer_52, or feminine_golfer_34.

Be creative. You will attract the right guys who are looking for what beautifully you have to offer.

Online Dating Advice no 2: Put a smiling photography.

Pay a professional photographer.

It’s about making the good and the right first impression. You will look like a put-together woman. This will attract men who are interested in meeting that kind of woman.

If you are on a budget, set up an appointment with stores like Sears or WalMart who offer to give you a 5X7 for free. You then scan your photo at work or with a friend and put it up on your profile.

Online Dating Advice no 3: Answer with in a timely manner

I used to answer the emails in the speed of the light. Wrong! Men interpret it as being desperate and that scares them off. Men are competitive by nature. If you delay your answer, your value increases.

It implies that many men are writing to you. Or that you are popular because you have a busy life. I would answer between 4 hours to 24 hours his email.

Maybe you are asking yourself; “What if he looses interest because I haven’t answered right away?” I think you would have lost him anyway down the road.

His interest towards you wasn’t strong enough

If you can avoid answering during the holidays and during the week ends, it is even better. The guy could perceive you as if you don’t have a life. His starting interest in you could weaken.

Online Dating Advice no 4: Keep your answers light

Write about what you like. Make jokes. Keep away from discussing your frustrations or whining about life or your life.

Avoid mentionning your ex-boyfriends. If he asks what you are looking, don’t be afraid to say what you are looking for. He will appreciate your sense of worth.

Keep the “wanted list” short. You could answer “I am looking to be with a compatible person.”

It’s positive and it shows that you are selective, not desperate and mysterious. Being mysterious makes a man curious. He will want to know what’s hidden being your beautiful eyes. Make him come back for more.

Online Dating Advice no 5: Let him ask for your phone number

If he leaves you his phone number, reply back with yours and tell him that he can call you also if he wants to. Sometimes he gives you his phone number because he doesn’t want to appear forward.

But still; let him call you. Unfortunately ladies, even today, men are hunters. Let him hunt you. It increases the chances of him value you more.

One last online dating advice

If there is no picture on his profile, he might have a girlfriend, or a wife. He also may not be proud enough of his appearance.

I find that the profiles who have no pictures are usually those wrong guys. If he says that he is someone important and doesn’t want to be recognizing, don’t believe him.

Someone important doesn’t use online dating; they hire a love hunter or an agency. Best of luck! is dedicated to make women happy about dating. You will find tips to become a master dating gal. Learn on how to make men come up to you, ask you out and be crazy about you.

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