Apr 24 2011

Dating Tips For Teenage Boys – A Guide to Getting Any Girl You Want

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dating tips
by colorblindPICASO

The “Teenage”, “Puberty” as it is sometimes called, is actually a period where in boys and girls alike begin to develop their sexuality. These are the ages, when little boys are too young to be thought of as men and too old to be identified as children.

It is quite an awkward stage for some, but this does not stop them from exploring their own sexuality. Most teenage boys begin their physical changes at this age. The changes may leave them to experience some uneasiness within themselves. This does not help when they try to meet girls their age that they think they’re beginning to like.

This is why there are some useful dating tips for teenage boys that are available for them to read. This article is just one of them.

If you are a teenager reading these dating tips for teenage boys, then most likely you have a girl in mind or are currently wondering about what this word dating means. Dating is simply an activity for two people who share a common interest and who have agreed to set the stage to get to know each other better that would later on result to a blossoming romance or relationship. Dating is often put in the same category as courtship. But basically, dating would entail a social activity, a place where you can meet with your “date” and a time to set the whole ground work for a dating relationship.

It is important for teenage boys to know that dating and sex are two different things. Dating involves respect for the girl you are going out with. It also entails that you know how to conduct yourself and not let your curiosity to explore your sexuality get the best of you. It is essential that at the first stage of dating at this age, one must take the time to get to know the person you are going out with. Set a time and place that is both convenient for you. If you’re driving, it is important that you be as responsible as you can and not involve any of the hazards of drugs and alcohol into your date. A casual dinner and movie between friends will most likely be the best way to go.

Before you go out on a date, it is important that you plan what you want to do in your date and what are the things you can talk about. Perhaps you are going to the same school with this girl or you probably belong to the same neighbourhood or church. If you have some knowledge about her, it is a good way to start a conversation and to ask questions that will let her know that you are truly interested in getting to know her more. You can also talk about your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, the people you know together; simple things that could keep the atmosphere light and the fun going.

Try to be yourself, instead of putting up an act. This will show that you are comfortable in your own skin and will most likely help your date feel more at ease as you go on with your conversation.

Most dating tips for teenage boys would also suggest group dates. Group dates are social gatherings like going to the beach and playing some sports or go surfing; this could also be a simple dinner and movies night. Going with a group will help make you feel more comfortable with each other without having to do it all by yourselves. This will also allow both of you to get to know how each of you act and conduct yourselves when you’re with other people. It’s a good way to start your dating relationship and lifts off the pressure between the two of you.


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Jan 11 2011

Dating Tips For Teenage Boys

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dating tips
by Alan Stanton

One of the most exciting experiences in teens is dating. Boys specifically scour many resources on how to make the first date a success. For that purpose, we have gathered dating tips for teenage boys.

Just to be clear. There are no clear cut rules in dating. Every date has dos and donts of their own depending on the culture. There are however best practices that you can apply to ensure the best experience in your date. Do not look at Hollywood movies for reference on what you do on dates. Movies are exaggerated realities. It can sometimes diverge on the fiction side.

You do not need a muscled body to score a date. Do not be insecure if a friend has six-pack abs and you have not. Well-defined muscles do not exactly guarantee a date. You must go on with yourself and be the best teen guy therein. Girls would definitely dig you if they know you are a cool guy.

Do the scan if you want to score a date. Look for girls that are most probably your type. Pick the best possible girl for your first date. You don’t want to ruin your first experience. You might feel nervous but don’t be. Turn this nervousness into excitement.

After picking a potential date, ask her out. Your invitation spiels should be straightforward but with a little courtesy. If the girl declines, don’t whine. She might be asking for a little time. The practical thing to do is to find another date.

Sex is not necessarily an added feature in teenage dating. The dating tips for teenage guys are different from that of the adults. Some girls don’t want to give their virginity in their teens. As a common rule, if the girl does not want to do the deed, don’t do it. If the girl wants to do it, then practice safe sex.

Be the best you can be on that day. If you have time to hit the gym to sculpt the body a little bit, do it. Take care of your hygiene. Bad odor always turns girls off. Before the date, brush your teeth, take a shower, and spray on some mild perfume.

Regarding clothes, they should be simple and reflect your personality. Do not go with too flashy clothes. You do not want to look effeminate. Do not reveal too much skin. You want to be respected. Do not wear tattered clothes. You want to show decency.

Be confident of your dating skills. They should come out naturally from you. During the date, act like your normal self. Always smile and make sure of what you are doing. Be prepared of the outcome of the date whether it is good or bad. Show appreciation for her effort.

The best dating tips for teenage boys come from reliable sources. They include parents, older siblings, and friends. Do not be afraid to ask them if you are unsure of a thing in dating. It is better to be prepared than leave the whole evening a mess.


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When a man attempts to put an arm around his date, he should do so in an obvious way so that both people know what his intentions are. Use cold weather as an excuse to put an arm around a date with tips from a professional dating coach in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: www.newyorkdatingcoach.com Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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Jan 11 2011

Some Lesbian Dating Guide For Teenage

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Dating in the teen years can be a little complicated. Their lack of experience and immaturity may lead them to dangerous situations while they date. So seeking an advice on teen dating service can be a great help. They can seek advices from their parents or they should do a research in internet about teen dating. It is appropriate for a teenager to reveal where he is going and what he is doing to their parent. Teenage years are the most important time in your life to build up your future.

A good parent-child communication should be essential. Both the parents and the children should have a good understanding about each other. Parents should know that what their children are dong and at the same time a child should be responsible towards his or her family as well as society. Do not stay outside so long hours especially in the late night. On weekends, it is okay if you spend a little more time outside. It is appropriate for a teenage femme lesbian to reveal where he is going and what he is doing to their parent. This will help greatly as the parents know about the kids activities.

Teenagers should keep a prepaid phone for emergency call. Most of the parents will be in disagreement on their kids having a cell phone as they doubt they would misuse it. However, it is important to have a cell phone with the kid and educate them using it only for emergency purposes. Girls should keep their cell phones in their pocket rather than keeping it in their purse. A kind of excellent communication between both parent and child should be always there as there will be less chance of conflicts arises then. A teenage femme lesbian should inform his or her parents if getting late to reach home. Stay in touch with your parents always. Whenever you need to go out a place, you should inform your parents that you are going outside and should name the place.

It is a better idea that you introduce your date your parents. Let them know who your date is so that they can judge your partner very well. Remember they are the experienced people and they can easily find out your free online dating is the right person for you or not. Do not go to an isolated place with your date which would easily make to engage in sexual activities, it should be avoidable when you are with a stranger. Do not trust anybody too easily and do not go to secluded place. You should meet your date in public places until and unless you develop a confidence and faith in your date.

Do not indulge in drinks or drugs. As a teenager, these are your biggest enemies. Once you use such substances, you lose our focus and forget what the goals of your life are. You should realize that teenage years are the most important time in your life to build up your future. If you have a date, that is, of course, not an issue, however, you should find a dating service partner who can be a constant supporter to fulfill your dream.

Many Western men who travel to Thailand join with a Thai Dating Agency to find out a woman out here. These agencies help them out in connecting with a woman of his dreams. They would find attractive young woman who has enough confidence and charm to seduce any man. Finally, the Western man who enter into a married relationship with a young Thai woman of their dreams.

These girls who signs up with the free online dating agencies, usually look for man who is wealthy, loving, and caring. Naturally there are number of matured western men looking for younger and attractive girls and they also sign up with such agencies. These girls want financial security and a good social background and they enter into a marriage relationship with a western guy. However, the problem arise when the girl reach to the guy’s native place. Once she arrives there she realizes that he has no good job and no good social background. There is only little money and a not-so-good job. They find out that they are cheated and this makes their life miserable.

They find the social situation in West is too awkward for them and want to get back to their home. This is a harsh reality. Once they reached to a Western country they find a different place and their excitement is over and they realize that they need no part of it.

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Dec 25 2010

Teenage Dating Guide

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There is no doubt that at some part of your life so far you have had a crush on someone, maybe that’s why you are here now.

There is also two different sorts of love, I learnt these by an ex-girlfriend and didn’t really comprehend them at the time.

The first one is’loving’ someone, anyone can love someone, but love is simply a word, and I like my mates/mum/sister/etc but it doesn’t mean they’re my partner of choice.

The second one is is’being in love’ with someone, the biggest variation with this type is that its not just a word, its also a feeling, an emotion that you feel for a particular person. Being ‘in love’ is the type that lets your heart leap into your mouth, the type that gets you stirred each time you see them, and being ‘in love’ is the most vital value in a relationship, when you have 2 folks that are totally’in love’ with one another then the possibilities are they are going to have a long, powerful and happy relationship.

As if life isn’t already confusing enough, and now we are gonna throw in something called love. Once you get to your teen years you will without doubt start playing in friendships with the alternative sex, one of the things you might try out with is dating.

Dating is a fantastic experience, it can teach you many things, some are worthless, but some things can change you for the rest of your life, because that person which has invited you on the date could be the person you hook up with for the remainder of you life with, it is a scary thought but there really is not much that you ought to be afraid of, since it’s all part of the excitement.

For Part 2 of this article series visit www.teenagersguidetodating.com or explore out more about teen dates here or visit blogs on this topic at ArticlesBase

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