Apr 23 2011

The Best Dating Tips For Getting Any Girl to Literally Throw Themselves at You

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by Micah Taylor

If you are tired of living an empty and monotonous life, and you want to go out with someone with whom you can have a great time with, but you are clueless about dating, then you will need the help of some of the best dating tips available.

• The best dating tips suggest that dating should be about you having fun with somebody who will also have fun being with you. There should not be a concern more important than that.

• Preparation is very important especially if you are going on a first date. Remember that first impressions last. This is a fact of life that is rather unfair but that is just the way it is. Most people judge other people right on their first meeting and they do not often give out a second chance so make the most of the one you presently have.

• Overcompensating is never a good thing. Assuming that you are not the handsomest guy or the most beautiful woman in the world, you would naturally look for ways to compensate for your lack of good looks. For instance, showing off your wit and smarts. This is acceptable as long as you do not overdo it. People can see right through a grandstanding to cover up your flaws. The best thing to do is highlight your strengths and own up to your weaknesses. Being honest will do you a lot of good especially if your date advances to something deeper along the road.

• Although looks are not the only good thing to have on a date, you should make an effort to look decent and clean, at the very least. Do not wear clothes that have stains or tears on them. Take time to browse fashion magazines and try a different look that is both comfortable for you and attractive to your date.

• Dating someone so much older or so much younger can be especially challenging. But if this is the case, you should be able to find a common ground to be able to relate with each other. Sometimes it is also good to date outside of one’s age group to mix it up a little. Dating is not just about having fun, it is also about growing as an individual and going out with someone older or younger can help widen your horizon. Dates do not necessarily have to result to relationships. If you do not end it up with your date then you just gained more friends or social contacts at the very least.

• The best dating tips that are worth remembering: Keep your expectations to a minimum. There are so many daters who go home feeling disappointed because their dates did not turn out to be Casanova or Aphrodite. This can be avoided by keeping your standards low and not having an ideal image of your date in mind. This will save you a lot of disappointment in the future.


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