May 19 2011

Relationship Warning Signs – Take This Relationship Test to Guide you

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by infomatique

Is your relationship flashing warning signs? Are you in a relationship that you have some doubts about? Would you like some insight about how to solve your problems but don’t want to share too much with your family or your best friends about what you are feeling?

Often, it is scary to talk about warning signs with those closest to you. Once they hear what you are going through, they may hold a grudge against your love. You and your partner may work it out and get over it…but your friends and family won’t.

To help you be aware of warning signs, and to evaluate your relationship, take this assessment test. Rate yourself on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the best score. Score each section:

·8-10 Good. You are doing well in this area.

·5-7 OK. You may need to work on this area, but it can probably be solved.

·0-4 Needs work. Don’t proceed without professional counseling.

Relationship Assessment Test

Warning Sign #1. SHARED VISION:

The first warning sign is if you want to lead different lives. Ask yourself: Do my partner and I have a clear picture of what we want in life? Do we have common goals for our future together? Example: do you dream about living in an apartment in Paris, and does he rhapsodize about someday living on a farm in West Virginia? If so, this is not a shared vision.


A huge warning sign is having different values. Do you know each others values? Do you both love children, tell the truth, believe in fidelity, are both frugal, etc. Example: If you value Sunday church and your religion and he is an atheist, you have a vast difference of opinion about what is important.


A warning sign is when one person has no direction or purpose to their life. Do you know each others mission? Are you both aware that you have special talents and gifts and are you prepared to wholeheartedly support each other in using them? Example: Are you planning to be a doctor, but your partner really wants to be a couch potato? If so, you are not on the same page.


A big warning sign is if one of you is needy. Have both of you been happy and successful as singles? Do you know how to be alone and how to make yourself happy? Are you looking for someone to make you happy? Are you seeking a partner out of desperation or need? Example: you both have friends, support systems, finances, and careers.


Carrying baggage from the past is a big warning sign. Have you both cleaned up your baggage from the past? Are either of you controlled by an Ex? Do you have strategies in place about how you will deal with people from your past (parents, friends, co-workers) but you will not let your past rule your present? Example: the Ex does not call either of you for friendly chats or for help.


A warning sign is when you are not talking about your issues. Do you know how to have the “hard” talks without hurting each other? Do you know how to create a safe place to express what you need and want? Example: you do not accuse, you inform.


Negative words are warning signs. Do you spend most of your time validating each other? Do you recognize the skills and talents each of you have and remind your partner of them? Example: Do you say far more positive than negative things to each other on a daily basis?


Another warning sign is when you are complaining about your partner to others. Do you speak harshly or negatively about each other to other people? If you have issues, do you discuss them? Example: If you can’t solve them, do you get help?


Commitment issues are warning signs. Are you both in this relationship for the long haul? Do you both know it is not okay to have other romantic interests on the side? Example: If one of you feels a need to see other people, do you understand that you have to work your way out of this relationship, just as you worked your way into it?


If you don’t feel grateful for your relationship, this is a warning sign. Do you think your partner is the most fabulous person in the world and are you grateful everyday that you are together? Example: Do you let your partner know that?

A score of 80 to 100 means that your relationship has an excellent chance of surviving. A score of 50 to 75 means your partnership is okay, but will need some work. Below 50 means you need to rethink your commitment.

If many of these areas are not working in your relationship, these are your warning signs. Take a look at the areas that you should talk about. If you have a low score, ask your love to go to counseling with you if you truly want this to last. Because, if you’re in love…that’s the least two people in love can give each other.

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May 18 2011

When He Stands You Up – How to Handle This Dating Dilemma

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by San Jose Library

When he stands you up what’s the most effective factor to try and do? That’s one of the foremost common dating questions there is. Sadly, most folks have had to house this at some point. We’re breathlessly waiting to see our guy and he never shows. No call, no apology, nothing. The following time we have a tendency to see him he flippantly says he lost track of time or one thing came up and he expects us to forgive and forget. Most people can until it happens again. Is there a wrong manner or a right manner to handle a man when this happens? There really is one thing you must be doing if you’ve been stood up to confirm it never happens again. Tracking him down when he stands you up is rarely the proper approach to take. The reason is very simple. Men arise girls as a result of they can. They apprehend that girls will place up with that kind of disrespectful behavior so they are doing it. It’s no additional difficult than that. If you’ve been stood up and you’ve explained how it create you are feeling to your guy you may believe that he understands that it is not acceptable to you. Don’t be surprised if he stands you up again. Words cannot ring as clear as actions during a case like this. The very best factor you’ll be able to possibly do if a guy stands you up is ignore him. Don’t strive and get in touch with him in any way. Don’t take his calls and do not answer your door. You’ve got to let a couple of days pass before you talk to him again. Once you do, you treat him utterly like a friend. Be friendly, polite and distant. For those girls who prefer step-by-step directions, here they are: 1.) Let him decision you. After daily or two has passed since he stood you up, answer his call. If he apologizes for standing you up, brush it off. Tell him you created different plans throughout that time. End the decision first. Tell him to possess a good day as you do. 2.) Don’t go out with him again for the following week. If he asks you out again, politely say you have plans. Do not tell him your reluctance to see him is as a result of you were stood up. Simply be busy. 3.) Never wait a lot of than thirty minutes for him again. When you do conceive to spend time with him once more, if he is ever more than thirty minutes late once more, create different plans. Just leave and let him see that you’re not the waiting type. If you follow these steps, it won’t take long before he realizes that you are not about to place your life on hold looking forward to him. When a man stands you up it’s fully up to you to indicate him, not tell him, that’s not acceptable behavior.

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Apr 21 2011

Is This Dating Site Safe?

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by lisabatty

Online dating is emerging as one of the fastest growing online industries, however before joining up to the first sites you come across on Google, be prepared to experience contrasting experiences when doing your comparisons. To be certain you achieve the best out of online dating, make sure you carry out thorough research.
Search through blogs, forums and reviews to gauge some direction. Which dating sites provide trial memberships in order to test out the site before committing to a full subscription.

Don’t Trust Anyone Too Soon!

Online dating offers a decent amount of anonymity if used correctly. But don’t forget, the same amount of anonymity also applies to everyone else you chat to online. Be patient; get to know someone well before you start sharing your personal and closest feelings.

Make sure the dating chat site you decide to join enforces some kind of verification check on it’s members. This will greatly increase the quality of genuine singles you are likely to meet. Many dating sites are infested with scammers who prey on inexperienced and vulnerable online daters. When a verification process is in place, this is a big deterrent for fraud members.

During your love hunt, you will come across free and paid sites. The paid sites usually require verification for members, so you need to weigh up the pros and cons as to whether you should go with a free or subscription site. There are software programs some dating sites use that verify credit card details, address, age and other statistics including criminal checks. However all the checks in the world will not guarantee your safety, the ultimate responsibility comes down to you, and sensible decisions.

Other important features a dating site should include is a report abuse option, and the ability to block undesirable advances from other members. This is a simple and effective means of protection. The site administrators also rely on their members to alert them when someone is being harassed, and in some cases will result in the cancellation of the perpetrators membership.

The greater portion of singles who use online dating sites are genuine, regular guys and girls, who are seeking relationships and companions with people they share common interests with. As with anything in life, there is going to always be someone who spoils the fun for some, so use our tips to avoid becoming a victim.

Never include your personal details on your profile. Your profile should be a general description about your dating requirements, also include some hobbies – never display addresses or phone numbers.

Only agree to an offline date if you feel the timing is right, don’t get pressured if you are not ready.

Always meet in a public environment. Alert someone you know as to your where  about, and inform him or her when your date is finished.

Prepare an exit strategy, just in case your date is not what you expected.

When dating online, your own common sense and intuition will ensure you meet someone genuine and fantastic. Be guided by that little voice inside your head.

For more tips on how to use free dating dating visit our singles chat rooms to experience the whole concept so you can judge the process for yourself.  

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Feb 12 2011

Dating Sites Give Singles Free Online Dating Joy This Xmas

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by Peter Morville

Record amounts of singles are logging onto free online dating sites this Xmas and new years vacation period. Data collected from an Australian online dating site attributes the spike in memberships to the worldwide recession and economic doubtfulness.

An absolute majority of members who have of late joined free Australian online dating sites have signaled in a new public opinion poll that a dubious future and a rugged 2008 on numerous fronts have made them re-arrange their lifetime priorities.

Attaining a permanent relationship, as opposed to merely encountering a good time was on many singles schedules for this vacation period, and with the offering of free dating sites, there is little question as to why so many singles are taking on this option which can be found easily by searching on the internet.

A slump in business at common city bars and nightspots signal that young singles are looking for options such as online dating sites and chat rooms this holiday time of year as a way of economizing their money. There is with no uncertainty that young Australians are jointly concerned about their futures and are turning to each other for respite.

More and more, the internet is viewed as a means for dejected singles to assembled in chat rooms and chat sites. Free online dating sites have seen their website traffic grow by about 300% over the past two weeks, which constitutes growth of more than 200% compared with the equivalent period of time in 2007.

A combination of work uncertainness, financial severity, shaky international leadership and with additional hard times hovering, looks to be driving singles and free online dating search engine traffic well beyond the norm.

Some other fascinating statistics that has developed from the poll information is that out of the newest 1000 members who have signed on to the Australian online dating site that helped with this article, 718 of them have not utilised online dating sites before. This genuine information lays to rest conjecture that online dating sites are losing customers.

In a multiple choice study supplied to 60 female members, 51 of these members suggested that safety constituted the primary reason for converting to the internet to find their better halves as opposed to hazarding their fortune at a populace and oftentimes unsafe city locale. The majority of singles over the age of 28 who utilised online dating sites determined that getting together with new singles through their present friends was hard as virtually all were in attached relationships.

Free online dating sites usually take approximately 3 minutes to register and members can commence e-mailing other singles at once. The genuine free dating sites will at no stage ask you for your credit card, or to pay a membership. Many free dating sites offer advanced features such as visibility pairing, public and non public chat rooms, web cam chat and instantaneous file and photograph exchange.

Reputable dating sites will often be able to provide lots of selective information and useful articles to aid those who are brand-new to online dating sites and may seek advice in developing their profile. Client services can usually be obtained via e-mail for any queries associating with joining up offers singles free internet dating love this Xmas

FREE Online Dating singles sites – Internet dating site and chat rooms by !

Singles chat rooms

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