May 02 2011

The Best Dating Tips You Should Know

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dating tips
by Ed Yourdon

In the context of dating, there are a lot of things that you should know and here are some of the best dating tips that can help you have a good start in the dating scene.

One of the best dating tips you should know is to never be late on a date and dress appropriately. This goes for both men and women alike. Of course, who would want a date who is slower than a turtle and dressed up as if you’ve just gotten out of bed fifteen minutes before call time? It could be a little justifiable if you’re a couple of minutes late and enter the restaurant door with a dress to kill. That could suffice the waiting time you’ve dealt with your date. Especially if it your first date, remember that first impressions always last. So, prepare for it.

Secure your finances. Most especially of you are a man, you can impress a woman by showing her that you are independent and you are a responsible man. Show her that you are able to support yourself as this gives her the notion that you are capable of supporting her as well, just in case the two of you end up in front of the altar. You have to get her respect by showing her that you have a stable job and that you can perfectly handle yourself well without living inside your mother’s purse.

Forget about your vices and addictions. Smoking and drinking are major turn offs, so get rid of those. If you cannot get rid of smoking, limit it and try not to smoke when you’re on a date. However, do not hide the truth about your vices. Tell it straight to your date that you do smoke, but assure her that you’ll try your best to avoid and eventually quit. The same idea goes with drinking. In fact, you can even ask help from your date to bug you each time you get the urge to hold a cigar or get a bottle of beer. This is actually a kind of sweet gesture.

Know her interest and try to hook yourself up with it. Not all women loves sports topic, so leave that subject with your friends. Ask your date the things that interest her and try to jive with her. You may not like all the things that she like, but at least show her that you are interested in knowing that things that she likes.

These are just some of the best dating tips you must keep in mind. If you really want to nail a good relationship, you should be natural in doing all these tips. Do not let it appear as if you’ve just read it over the Internet or in a book. Do it as if it came from your own perspective and all the good things will just come in handy.


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