Feb 18 2011

The One Free Online Dating Advice You Should Never Forget

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online dating advice
by Thomas Hawk

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I’m afraid you have some harsh words and free online dating advice coming your way. Mind you, it’s free online dating advice, not free relationship advice – for even I tread lightly there; in other words, I am no expert. But I am an expert when it comes to dating as a single mother, and I am about to impose very stringent guidelines.

I am freaking out because of the following bit of news: a 24-year-old Oregon man has been convicted of murder – murder by abuse, sexual abuse and unlawful sexual penetration – of a two-year-old girl. He also physically abused the girl’s three-year-old brother. The children were his girlfriend’s. He was babysitting the poor little tykes while the mother was out of town.

This is sickening stuff, and in my opinion this mother deserves a swift kick in the pants for – literally – criminal negligence. She neglected to find out that her boyfriend was a criminal before she trusted him with her children! Mind you, I am trying not to judge – we’ve all been there as single mothers. Nobody is perfect and we’ve all made mistakes. But thankfully not the kind that cost us our children’s lives, right?

This is yet another hard lesson for all of us: don’t ever let anyone near your children, unless you have thoroughly investigated him (her) and know he (she) isn’t capable of harming a defenseless child. Just like in many other child sex offender cases, there must have been preceding incidents in this man’s criminal records, which perhaps didn’t end in murder but were precursors to this tragedy and would have alerted the mother. This woman didn’t do her homework.

So, my free online dating advice to you, single mothers, is don’t even attempt to go on a date without making sure this man will not mistreat your children. Let’s face it, once we get close to a new man, our rosy glasses are on, and he is the prince charming who can do no wrong. So while you still have your common sense about you, get that man checked out, girlfriends. One can always find another date – it’s not worth losing a child.

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